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What's for dinner?

It wasn’t until I started living with someone that I truly began to understand how annoying “What’s for dinner?” can be. Aunt Jo, I now realize why that question drove you nuts! 614 more words


Chicken kebabs

A few months ago we purchased a cast iron griddle pan and found it to be great for cooking barbecue-esque meals. Being from New Zealand, I am used to barbecuing year-round, so found adapting to life in a third floor London flat to be quite a challenge as there is no place to put the barbie. 329 more words

What Should I Have For Dinner?

Best macaroni cheese

Oh yes, today was a bit like this. Furious that I had the phone at the dinner table (fair enough). Furious that when I suggested we paint a picture and I agreed to do all the painting, I didn’t do it right (fair enough). 334 more words


Fish are friends and food...

Where college life resides in Providence is also where one of the best sushi places is also homed. Over on Wickenden Street in providence is where you will find what in my opinion is the most underrated sushi experience so far to be test tasted by me in Rhode Island thus far. 578 more words


Roaming Through Roma

With Glen headed off to the conference at some ungodly hour, I had a lovely lie-in and then got up for breakfast sometime after 8am on Monday morning. 1,025 more words


State Fair Inspired Dinner at Wayward Sons September 29th

by Steven Doyle

Chef Graham Dodds invites you to Wayward Sons September 29th for a Texas State Fair preview with a dinner he is hosting that will be Texas Fair style. 108 more words


Goulash Soup

ingredients: 1,5kg beef, 1,5kg onions, 200g tomato purée, 500ml sieved tomatoes, 550g potatoes, 300g bell peppers, 200g carrots, 1l broth, tbsp. sunflower oil, salt, pepper, garlic and paprika (spice)