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Pho #1,000,000 to Open in Times Square

NEW YORK CITY, Ny. – Doctor Yahya Kasturi, world-renowned chef, philanthropist, and internationally recognized creator of the Pho restaurant chain, is opening his one millionth location in Times Square next month. 236 more words


My Violent Heart

I’m becoming more and more comfortable with my reality and how my life might be.It’s the mixture of getting stronger and better,mentally and physically and my acceptance of my fate.I’m defiantly not worthless anymore,I’m regaining my credentials in the kitchen by once again 55 hour weeks in 4 days.On top of doing that,I hold the bonus card, “Heart Failure”.Death,pain,starvation,dehydration…these have become meaningless excuses to me.I’m getting strong,but I’ll never lose the hate and dissatisfaction of others,the driving force that keeps my heart spinning out of control.It’s been all across the board in my mind recently,People are weak.Every day I’m graced by the presence of the weak.It’s fucking ridiculous.I was told that I had too much energy at work and that I needed to tone it back because others were getting overwhelmed.It gives me sick pleasure to hear a cook ask me to help,and finish up so he could leave…apparently he works 5 days and thats a lot or something.Ok,more…shit.Stepping out of the kitchen.Across the board,anyone that’s even slightly older than me feels they have the right try to teach me a lesson.”When you’re older,cynical.When you are burned out and broken,you’ll know.” 395 more words


one year

My dear wife, happy anniversary. we are so right for each other, we go together like kaffir lime ponzu dressing on Brix’s Albacore Tuna Tataki, which by the way is an excellent excellent dish. 197 more words


Best Restaurant in King cross

The King cross is place full of joy and its only of the important entertainment place in Sydney. One of the King cross best restaurant is manta restaurant present for more than decades. 218 more words