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every dino has his day.

t-rex  heads into the weekend with a broken claw, an avengers bandaid, and a few less teeth-

but still standing.

“you know, hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don’t help.”
― bill watterson – calvin and hobbes


Ark's Remaining Dossiers of Unreleased Beasts

We are only just getting into February of this year and already Studio Wildcard has released a flurry of updates and content for Ark Survival Evolved. 830 more words


dipping a hand in the stream beyond olmypus

There is a neon sign with

the image of a franz ferdinand

dying in a trench for all of

those who are east of milan.  he… 39 more words

Museum Of the Rockies

Guerrilla marketing campaign for Museum of the Rockies to increase awareness about the student membership program.

Jurassic World is now a Trilogy

Jurassic World is one of the biggest movies of all time (the fourth, to be exact), and was extremely well received by Jurassic fans. But as it turns out, the Jurassic World movie that came out on June 12th, 2015, was always destined to be the beginning of an exciting trilogy that goes “to the next level, and don’t necessarily mean in scale.”  211 more words


Picture Book Month Theme: Dinosaurs

You’ll be seeing a lot of picture books on my blog throughout the month of November as we celebrate Picture Book Month.  You’ll definitely want to check out the website as picture book authors and illustrators will be posting an essay each day about the importance of picture books!   84 more words


Cruickshank: Dinos' football fate in freshman's hands

If all goes according to plan, Adam Sinagra’s days as a starter will soon be over.

Then he can resume his backup chores.

And be totally tickled about it. 822 more words