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Hello world!

Here is what you do:

Use this site to post about you see and what you like.  Also, compete with your friends to complete Scavenger Hunt. 7 more words

Dragon/Dino walks and then trips

My first animation for the Advanced Animation class. The teacher allowed me to choose my own projects.

I picked character rigging by parenting and using the puppet wrap tool. 16 more words


Crap! This Dog Really Wants to Hurt Us!

Sunday night 5.15pm. The day’s almost over and I probably should run the dogs around the block for a sniff a pee and a poop. ¬†Nelda’s nearly 10 and a bit slow. 678 more words

Influential Book number 2

This is the second book that has had the most influence on me. This book really sparked a love for writing inside of me. It also made me very interested in a certain extinct animal the Dinosaur. 134 more words


Straightforward Dino039s Hotel

During the rule of Nicolae Ceau?escu he worked at the Ministry of Finances between 1972 and 1977 as an economist in the State Budget Department, then between 1978 and 1982 as Chief of Accountancy of State Budget and then as deputy director of the Department for Foreign Exchange and International Financial Relations 2&sq romania&st nyt “Debt Halved, Romania Says” , November 26, 1986, New York Times until the 1989 Romanian Revolution. 271 more words


This is new.

I have never had a blog before, except for xanga….if that even counts. I can hardly remember xanga. Does anyone even read blogs unless you share them? 268 more words