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Velociraptor mongoliensis concept art

4 hours in the making, I’m really liking where this is going! It’s been a good while since I did a digital painting, so I needed some warm-ups before I did this piece of consept art. 62 more words

Velociraptor chick progress

Still a WIP, but giving it some colour I feel it’s come a long way since I last posted it. Despite I’m not entierly happy with colouration nor pattern, I still think it’s quite decent considering it’s my first proper concept sketch of a velociraptor mongoliensis chick.

The plan is...to not plan, and hey, are those dinosaur bones?

For the most part, we all work a lot; and when our vacation time finally rolls around we plan it to the max. This has been my life. 586 more words

Mutiny Kids roar about the NHM Personalised Range

Mutiny Kids are wild about the new dinosaur personalised products from the Natural History Museum shop. Perfect to add a unique and personal touch, make all little ones feel extra special with their name printed onto the charming array of products.

Neat PR Press Coverage


A 3d puzzle of a small dinosaur, thought to be fast and agile, looks cute, but very dangerous.

Tyrannosaurus Pose B

Rex is back again, and this time can choose between the two poses.