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It’s finally happened. I have created a monster. Literally.

Here he is enjoying my 30th Birthday party:

Not the greatest shots but I’d only just finished him in time to gift him to my friend for her Birthday, so took these snaps before she was about to leave for home. 146 more words

Sorry, We're Sorry, We're Really Sorry

In The News Today (Oh, Boy) We’re Sorry!  Our beloved governmental agencies are either giving it back, or taking it back.  Mostly I find the  trend is taking, but in our first story, this trend is reversed. 842 more words

Garden of the Gods

Anyone visiting Colorado should definitely make their way to Colorado Springs to visit the Garden of the Gods.  The rock formations, with their vibrant reddish-orange color, are visually stunning against the back drop of Pikes Peak and the surrounding foothills.  555 more words


Terry Pratchett and the elitists.

I know that there are those who see themselves as guides to what it is safe for us to be exposed to, indeed it is a long tradition that those better educated and morally superior to us should do so. 472 more words


Jurassic World - Film Review

There’s a reason that Jurassic World has smashed so many box office records. It’s because it’s a damn fun film. And who doesn’t love dinosaurs right? 542 more words


#sciart find of the day

I just realized “of the day” makes it sound like I do this daily. Yeah, right. I barely manage to …uh nevermind *cough*

So, today’s very cool science art comes from California, where… 53 more words

Should We Celebrate the Return of the Brontosaurus Like We Mourned the Loss of Pluto?

Everyone knows where they were when Pluto stopped being a planet. Well, maybe not exactly where you were, but you remember the general conversation. There are still Facebook pages dedicated to remembering when Pluto was a planet, petitions to bring it back, disappointment over childhoods ruined. 407 more words

Jurassic Park