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Here's why I won't be seeing "Jurassic World" again

Has anyone not seen “Jurassic World?”

I ask because of the ads I noticed on television this week.

They scream that the dinosaur flick is “THE #1 MOVIE IN THE WORLD!” And, in a not so subtle manner, encourage us all to SEE! 502 more words


Jurassic World: Evolution

Our adventure story begins as Claire Dearing, a meticulous Operations Manager, (Bryce Dallas Howard from the Help) is tirelessly working to gain sponsors (like Samsung or Verizon) for the next big Super Dinosaur (Indominous Rex) instead of spending time with her nephews. 584 more words


Ezer Good, Ezer Good, He's Ebenezer Good.

I’ve been looking into the Allosaurus that was snapped up by the Creation Museum, that bastion of twisted lies and misinformation housed in Petersburg, Kentucky, ‘Murica. 1,178 more words


review: Guess Who's Coming At Dinner?

Title: Guess Who’s Coming At Dinner?

Author: Tabatha Austin

WhatWhat: Michael’s the product of a cloning experimentation: he’s a Modified Human, who looks like a mini T-Rex. 119 more words

Dinosaurs That Fit In Human Buildings--among Other Places

Movie Review: Jurassic World

I’m sure many of you have seen it. I only got to watch it last night – that’s what happens when they release a blockbuster during the mid-year exams; I have to wait an extra two weeks. 1,041 more words


One Photo Focus - July REPOSTED

I inadvertently posted this a few days ago so I rescheduled it to post today which is the day it should’ve posted. Sorry if a lot of you have already seen it!! 173 more words