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What game does a brontosaurus like to play with humans?


Fossils of "Big Mouth" Fish from Cretaceous Period Uncovered

An international team of scientists have uncovered two new species of plankton-eating, big-mouthed, bony fish from the Cretaceous Period, about 92 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. 290 more words


What makes more noise than a dinosaur?

Two dinosaurs.

AFI #88 - Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby


Directed by Howard Hawks

Netflix says… Love runs wild for a hapless scientist and an unstoppable heiress in Howard Hawks’ classic screwball comedy that ranks high on the American Film Institute’s list of the funniest Hollywood films ever made. 113 more words


Land of the Dino: Part 1 of 10

This is what happens when I take a clay T-rex, an old world map, and my camera and mess around for half an hour. I picked out my favorites to share with you, and will be publishing them bit by bit over the next few weeks. 8 more words


Solbit loves good food as she travels

Dear Nicalai,

All I have to do is whisper to Nona, “Salt and Straw,” and she will immediately think, “ice cream.”  Or, I can whisper to her, “ice cream,” and she will immediately think, “Salt and Straw.” Sometimes, she goes beyond “thinking” to “I’ve gotta have it.” Then off we go to the Salt and Straw ice cream shop to stand in line with a lot of other foodies.  514 more words