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Hybrid Walks: Did the Neanderthals know how to prey?

One of our 4 new stories from the “HybridWalks” project. We, me and Ula, every time try to avoid being linear and logic when documenting our actions. 39 more words


Chicken (oops I mean dinosaur) invasion

We finally got dinosaurs in our back yard. Finally we have chickens (oops i mean dinosaurs). Finally we don’t have to pay for eggs (after two more week’s). 82 more words

Day 7

The mysterious jungle of flesh-eating trees has expanded to fill sectors 40, 41, and 29. If you work and/or live in sectors 41 and above, you will have to use the trans-dimensional monorail. 65 more words


Day 6

Today’s entry starts with a quick notification, interns in sectors 5, 8, 23, and 34, are required to report to the the goatmen in sector 45 for the annual straw drawing. 66 more words


You feed a cold, right?

Last night, at approximately 4:30 in the morning, I was bludgeoned out of a sound sleep by the sudden and overwhelming need to vomit.  Like,  425 more words


Giant Dinosaurs and Human Greed: Which Monsters Appeal to Us More?

This is the final piece in the articles that I wrote for my Science Fiction writing course. This is the most recent, biggest budget, and longest story in the group. 993 more words