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Denizens of Dinosaur Island: Octyrannopus and Rocketceratops

New Monster: Octyrannopus

Stats: as Tyrannosaurus, except with tentacles and a central beak.

Attacks (in addition to stomp and tail-swipe):


Jurassic Lark

So I like dinosaurs. Colour you guys surprised. I love Jurassic Park. I also love puns. Thus, ‘Jurassic Lark’.

No Illustration Friday this week, because I’m back down in Cornwall, working on some longer projects with a pasty & a seagull or seven. 8 more words

Dinosaur reconstructed after 50 years.

Deinocheirus mirificus, or ‘unusual horrible hand’, had long, clawed forearms, a sail on its back and a duck-like bill. Photo: A reconstruction of the dinosaur Deinocheirus mirificus. 159 more words

The Artery: An Urban Market

The last weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of attending Appleton, Wisconsin’s first Artery: An Urban Market. I had a great time, met some great people, and got to hang out with some great artists. 25 more words


Dinosaurs, humans, sun and earth, medieval religious dogmas in Spain

This video says about itself:

Dinosaurs, and Creationism Debunked

1 March 2015

To believe that non-avian dinosaurs exist today or have ever existed with mankind…

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My Budding Blogger: Sleepover At Auntie Kate's 

Number three has recently found a real love for photography and looking through fashion vlogs and blogs online. I often catch her making her own vlogs and writing blogs in her notepad. 339 more words