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I drew a dinosaur

I wanted to give him a fat, jowly face.


"Dinosaurs" and "Free" in the Same Sentence!

If that headline doesn’t grab your attention then I can think of literally nothing that will. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Who doesn’t love art? Who doesn’t love dinosaur art? 130 more words


#Museum #Dinosaurs

I took my¬†family to the local natural history museum this week and we had a nice time. My kids especially liked the dinosaurs. I remember that being my favorite part when I was a kid too, and honestly, it’s still one of my favorite parts. 180 more words


Even Kings Must Shed

Tyrannosaurus rex is shedding its old skin. Almost all reptiles must do this periodically, and big dinosaurs like the T. rex would probably not have been exceptional in that regard.


The Dinosaurs of Drumheller

We were proceeding happily along the flatlands of Alberta when we came to a big gash in the ground.

It was the Red Deer River Valley, home of the Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology. 517 more words


Baby Triceratops Pattern

Here are the instructions for my baby triceratops pattern! The pattern for the triceratops egg will be in a separate post.

For this project, you will need yarn for the head, body and legs of the dinosaur, black yarn for the eyes, white yarn for the horns, a crochet hook, sewing needle, and fiberfill. 320 more words


The time I decimated my neighbour's sense of fatherly pride

I don’t think I’ve ever not been ambitious. Dreaming big and standing out have always been important to me, even when I was a little kid. 517 more words