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Unwelcome Invitation

No matter how friendly they may appear, never take your tyrannosaur neighbor’s offer of hospitality at face value. Especially if they’re inviting you over for dinner.


Flying with Two Toddlers: From a Momma Who Learned the Hard Way

Confined spaces & toddlers DO. NOT. MIX. Period. End of story. If you have flown with toddlers before, you know this all too well. My family and I recently took a spontaneous trip to Texas & I’ll be honest, the trip there was not well-planned on my part. 1,327 more words


Who Needs Jurassic Park When We Have Liaoning, China

In The Middle of Nowhere, China, 250 miles northeast of Beijing, a massive new museum is rising up from the dusty earth. It will house a portion of the findings from Liaoning, a region whose abundance of fossils is helping paleontologists understand dinosaurs’ relationship to birds in more detail — and making China the new paleontology hot spot. 165 more words


A brief introduction to the Carnian Pluvial Episode.

Dinosaurs likely originated in the Early to Middle Triassic. The Manda beds of Tanzania yielded the remains of the possible oldest dinosaur, Nyasasaurus parringtoni, and… 610 more words

Raptor Virus

“You haven’t been sick till you’ve had raptor virus.” he told me, grinning all self satisfied like he did when he was proud of something. 177 more words


SORRY I LIED (and some tangents)

Yeah this has been haunting me the past 24 hours. Remember last blog I said I would try to blog before Wednesday? I’m writing this on Thursday night and probably going to post it tomorrow morning, so….sorry y’al. 997 more words

A Good Day