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Dynamite Dino

Environmental science isn’t just about dirt and the climate, it involves the history of our planet as well.  One of my favorite things about the history of our planet is the giant reptiles who use to inhabit it.   412 more words


Where I grew up, it snowed about once every two years. My parents were super into skiing but it meant a two hour drive on a road that we travelled so often that I had practically memorised all the turns by the age of ten. 243 more words

Time Travel to Prehistorica

I had a bit of time to do some sim-hopping the other day, and I decided to re-visit some places I’d been to previously.

I’m always on the hunt for great locations, especially to use as backdrops for photography.  276 more words

Second Life

NYC Tourist Adventures

Being on the east coast means that you never have to be bored, provided you have enough money and you’re not at work, in which case all bets are off. 818 more words

Popular Mechanics: Check Out An Interactive Map of Every Dinosaur Fossil Found On Earth

From Popular Mechanics (no, really): Check Out An Interactive Map of Every Dinosaur Fossil Found On Earth . “Some engineers have created an interactive map to navigate the overwhelming amount of data created by the Paleobiology Database, a massive collection of information about fossils and related research. 18 more words

New Resources

Buried Treasure - Matt Wedel

I’m not quite sure whether I’m supposed to be talking about my favorite paper out of my little flock, or the one that I wish had gotten more attention. 507 more words


Dinosaur Egg

We found dinosaur eggs in our apartment this weekend! Okay, maybe not really, but these giant balloon-sized eggs are sure to get your kiddos excited, even if they helped make them and remember that they started out as balloons! 240 more words