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Growing Dionaea muscipula from scape cuttings

Venus Flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) will often split themselves into two or more corms each growing season. These young corms will grow faster than seed-grown plants, but if natural divisions are still too slow for your liking you may wish to try scape cuttings. 154 more words


Danger! Carnivores!

Because glazing of the limery is not complete, if has turned into a trap for flies – despite the huge hole in the door, the flies only seem to be able to get in and not to get out. 167 more words

Gardening And Growing

Carniflora News, May 2015

Full download:  Carniflora News, May 2015 (PDF)


Summary of April Meeting
The April meeting was a social event that did not have any formal presentation. 840 more words


Carnivora gardinum

Excellent time-lapse movie of carnivorous plants growing, moving and eating. Featuring hapless insectoid prey, atmospheric music, birdsong and squishy/slurpy/creaky sound effects.
Created by Chris Field/Biolapse.


Capturing ShellShock Downloads with Dionaea

It’s been four months since the Bash ShellShock vulnerability was made public, and for some reason I hadn’t thought of modifying Dionaea to analyse and download any URLs in inbound ShellShock exploits until a week ago! 2,655 more words

Vulnerabilities And Exploits

Waking Things Up Early

Normally I like to do things the natural way with my Flytraps and let them wake up when the sun starts to shine but this year I had some extra lights from when I redid a frog vivarium so I decided to throw it over them. 76 more words