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Moonsday Madness: Dione

Some of the mythically named moons of our solar system point to huge narratives; for instance, last week we examined Tethys, and there was barely enough space in one post to gloss over her stories, bound up as they are with the events of the Trojan War. 742 more words

Light and Dark: the Two Faces of Dione

Saturn’s moon Dione (pronounced DEE-oh-nee) is a heavily-cratered, 700-mile-wide world of ice and rock, its surface slashed by signature “wispy lines” that mark the bright faces of sheer ice cliffs. 93 more words


Meet a Moon: Dione

Regarding Greek mythology, it seems no one’s really sure who Dione was. Ancient sources contradict each other, and modern scholars think there may have actually been more than one mythical woman who went by that name. 430 more words


October 10 - Triton

Discovered on October 10th 1846 by William Lassell, (who was living and working at that time in West Derby, Liverpool), the Solar System’s biggest retrograde moon… 241 more words



Look at Dione, sitting there, looking all grey and quiet like it doesn't have a massive global ocean under its crust https://t.co/IVp0LhjKj9 pic.twitter.com/xK7Qjt7xRT

— Katie Mack (@AstroKatie) October 1, 2016

Outer Space

Six Moons with possible Life.

Over the last few decades our knowledge about some of the many Moons in our solar system has changed. It has been discovered that for a world to have stable conditions for life, it is not required to be in the… 551 more words


Shaping Dione

This image of Saturn’s moon Dione shows a mixture of features: bright, linear features showing evidence of tectonic movant and impact craters. The tectonic features reveal that Dione has been heated and cooled since its formation, and scientists use those as clues to piece together the moon’s past. 28 more words