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Saturn, Dione, Enceldus

Hey, Sky Fans! Happy Friday to you, and congrats for getting through another week. This week, let’s keep things a little closer to home. Here’s a photo from the Cassini spacecraft… 111 more words

Moons of Saturn May Be Younger Than the Dinosaurs

Source: Seti.org
March 24, 2016

MOUNTAIN VIEW – New research suggests that some of Saturn’s icy moons, as well as its famous rings, might be modern adornments.  172 more words


A Summer Solstice Approaches

Cassini images of Saturn are generally oriented so that Saturn appears north up, but the spacecraft views the planet from all sorts of angles. Here, Saturn seems to sit askew as the tiny moon Dione looks on from lower left. 38 more words


Freeletics: 1 / Me: 0

Last week was the first time that Freeletics beat me. I’ve done 9 weeks without giving up once. Which I think is a huge achievement. But last week, Freeletics won. 428 more words


Looking back at Cassini: A last look at Dione

NASA’s Cassini probe is in its last year of operation, continuing to explore the Saturn system, and it seems appropriate to look back at some of the amazing images the spacecraft has sent home to Earth. 145 more words


Saturn and Methane

This picture of Saturn was made by the Cassini spacecraft at wavelengths of light that are absorbed by methane. The darker areas are regions where light travels further into the atmosphere, passing through more methane before being reflected off of clouds. 36 more words