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October 10 - Triton

Discovered on October 10th 1846 by William Lassell, (who was living and working at that time in West Derby, Liverpool), the Solar System’s biggest retrograde moon… 241 more words


Dione Transits Saturn

As seen by the Cassini spacecraft.

Image Credit: NASA


Cassini's Dione Flyby - Images

The Cassini Mission to Saturn has been a powerful and significant step in the exploration of our solar system—a cooperative venture of NASA, the… 173 more words


Cassini takes a last look at Saturn's moon Dione - slideshow

In this NY Times slideshow, Kenneth Chang curates a selection of images from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft’s farewell tour. Cassini entered orbit around Saturn 11 years ago; last fall, the space agency granted a final extension, through 2017, when the spacecraft will have exhausted the fuel for its thrusters. 38 more words


NASA releases incredible closeup images of Saturn’s moon Dione

NASA releases incredible closeup images of Saturn’s moon Dione.The images show a pockmarked landscape looming below the spacecraft.  Cassini passed 295 miles above Dione’s surface at 2:33 p.m. 40 more words


Cassini Bids Farewell to Dione with Some Fantastic Final Views

NASA’s venerable Cassini spacecraft may still have another two years left in its exploration of the Saturn system but on Monday, August 17, it had its final intimate visit with… 559 more words


Astronomy: Cassini's Final Breathtaking Views of Saturn's Moon Dione

Above: NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captured this parting view showing the rough and icy crescent of Saturn’s moon Dione following the spacecraft’s last close flyby of the moon on Aug. 478 more words