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G.A. Burba's Dione Map with Nomenclature

G.A Burba: Nomenklatura detalei rel’efa sputnikov Saturna Moskva : “Nauka”, 1986.

Editors: Burba, Georgii Aleksandrovich; Florenskii, Kirill Pavlovich; Efremov, Iurii Nikolaevich
Nomenclature: Cyrillic

General Map of Dione

Nomenclature table

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Dione and Enceladus

Although Saturn’s moons Dione (in the foreground) and Enceladus are made of more or less the same stuff, Enceladus has a considerably higher reflectivity than Dione. 53 more words


Rhea Eclipses Dione While Cassini Watches

It’s been a while since I last made one of these: it’s an animation comprising 27 images acquired by Cassini in various color channels on October 11, 2015. 146 more words


October 10 - Triton

Discovered on October 10th 1846 by William Lassell, (who was living and working at that time in West Derby, Liverpool), the Solar System’s biggest retrograde moon… 241 more words


Dione Transits Saturn

As seen by the Cassini spacecraft.

Image Credit: NASA


Cassini's Dione Flyby - Images

The Cassini Mission to Saturn has been a powerful and significant step in the exploration of our solar system—a cooperative venture of NASA, the… 173 more words