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Honey: An effective cough remedy for kids?

*Cough* Cough*

That sound is not music to any parent’s ears. Having a cough is not fun for kids, and can be a source of concern for parents. 616 more words

Acute Respiratory Infections

Days 9-23 Post IVIG Infusion #1: Doing Alright!

Considering I am undergoing a new treatment, it has been awhile since I updated, hasn’t it? If you “like” me on Facebook, you’re probably in the loop, but this will be a fairly long post anyway. 6,114 more words


I find links in the craziest places, on Wreck-Free Sunday

I was reading my web comics today and the guy that does The Oatmeal comic was invited to the preview the Google Car. For those blessed with the ability to ignore anything outside your particular area of interest, Google has been spending the last several years working on the driverless car to eliminate the human factor from car wrecks, specifically the human factor of aggression behind the wheel. 449 more words

Wreck-free Sunday Post

Be still and know that I am God

I can’t hold still! I need someone to put me to sleep. I am thinking of IKEA! I won’t be Exedrin & zzzquil (popular!) until I clean out my medicine cabinet. 35 more words

Drug Addiction

Ants and Uncle

OK. So yesterday didn’t end up going exactly like I wanted.

I had just returned to the office after a quick trip to the bank, and had just enough time to check emails and phone messages before heading to the gym, then home. 609 more words