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The Alkaline diet, diploma mills and your body's pH

Diploma mills selling fake “degrees” have thrived because many employers don’t bother to check their employees’ credentials. Since diploma mills often use “legitimate sounding” names like Columbia State or University of Berkley, these fake universities have been thriving profitable scams. 958 more words


Hollywood's Phony-Diploma Mills Help Underage Actors Labor In Film Biz Underground

Protecting Kids On Sets: Second In A Series

EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood is awash in fake high-school diplomas that allow underage actors to circumvent California’s strict child- 1,996 more words


Court Shuts Down $11 Million High School Diploma Mill

Not everyone graduates from high school, but for nearly a decade, a company in Florida has been offering what it claims are “official” diplomas from “accredited” schools to consumers who took an online test (and paid betweeen $200 to $300). 472 more words

Is 'Paying for Grades' the Norm?

Dear ISR, I have a troubling question that has been eating at me. I wonder if you could solicit your readers for their opinion and experience in regards to this topic? 334 more words

Bribing The School For Grades

Diploma Mills

For the 1% of people on this planet (and likely less) college, tech school, or learn a craft and perfecting it at a young age are necessary to have any chance in this life. 973 more words