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‘Very grievous and unconstitutional’? The repeal of the (American) Stamp Act (1766)

250 years ago this month Parliament was debating the fate of the Stamp Act – the law which proved dangerously unpopular in Britain’s American colonies. In the first of two blogs on the issue, … 1,029 more words

Social History

Parliament and the Gulf War in 1991

In today’s guest blog, Teemu Hakkinen (University of Jyvaskyla, Finland), who has researched the royal prerogative in decisions to go to war in the UK, looks back on the debates about the First Gulf War twenty-five years ago this month… 656 more words


Counter-Revolutionary Corsica: Pasquale Paoli and Diplomacy in the British Mediterranean

By Joshua Meeks

In 1794, the British and Corsicans joined together to form the Anglo-Corsican Kingdom. The historian R.R. Palmer argued that the island was driven by counter-revolutionary designs and this has remained the dominant view of historians.[1] Indeed, the Kingdom had clear aims. 772 more words

French Revolution

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Below is an excerpt from Richard E. Thompson’s Oral History interview conducted by Raymond Ewing on April 16, 2001. He had been to every place with a US presence including the longest trip he did as a diplomatic courier to West Africa that took 59 days.  

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Foreign Service

Slavery, diplomacy, war: A Confederate propagandist in London

By Bennett Ostdiek

On January 22, 1862, nine months into the American Civil War, Henry Hotze arrived in London. Hotze had come to London to serve as a propaganda agent for the Confederate States of America. 892 more words

Doing History In Public

The misleading surface plausibility of realism

The other day I made a post championing ‘postclassical’ realism in the vein of Gilpin’s War and Change in World Politics, which I have been reading this morning and can confirm is full of insights about the interrelationship between military power, international institutions, ideology and economic development. 381 more words


‘The hero legislator of Uxbridge’: the Hon. Charles Thomas Mills (1887-1915)

100 years ago the Battle of Loos proved deadly for a third MP, as today marks the anniversary of the seventh MP who died in fighting in the First World War. 732 more words

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