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Children's music, or Papa Loves Mambo.

Our home is a quiet home, the television may be on but the house is not bouncing away to any particular tune. I enjoy music but it is not on in the background, in fact I have only recently started to plug in my speakers while I cook dinner. 203 more words

Daily Prompt

On October 7, 1978.

On Octoebr 7, 1978, “Vertigo” label released the self titled debut studio album by Dire Straits. The album was recorded from February – March 1978, at the “Basing Street Studios”, London, and was produced by Muff Winwood. 83 more words

World Champion Heavyweight Worrier

That’s me. Hands down. I can worry for the nation.When I run out of things to worry about regarding my nearest and dearest, and this happens occasionally, I can concentrate on the big stuff: Pollution, Global Terrorism, The Economy, World Hunger, Gun Violence, Will Sheldon and Amy finally do the deed?, THE SINGULARITY… 656 more words


I don’t usually stop and listen to street musicians because it means being jostled by people passing by and trying to enjoy the music with traffic noise in the background. 68 more words

Foto Friday

A Brief Hiatus ...

Listening to: https://notmyfirstrodeoblog.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/09-brothers-in-arms.m4a Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms, 1985

Have reached a moment of pause in the long slog to the end of my accounting marathon. 356 more words

The Inner Struggle


The year of the Brixton riots, Live Aid, the Heysel disaster, the first mobile phone call in the UK and the first Sinclair C5 hit the streets. 761 more words

9 Songs

1985 And All That (May - July)

Let me make something perfectly clear: whilst 1985 was definitely a transitional year for me in terms of the sort of records I was buying, I certainly hadn’t yet cracked this thing called “cool” yet. 3,567 more words

A History Of Dubious Taste