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What is the marketing plan

There are not many things in life that you would get in with a plan. Marketing is different. Your overall marketing plan should cover about six months and should be composed of marketing times weekly and monthly. 19 more words

Marketing Strategy

Pharmaceutical Distributors Will Work Best For Any Sort of Need

If you are ever in need of any sort of mailing needs or looking for such services, the answers are many and you need to choose them as per the need and other categories in the area. 137 more words

Marketing & Advertising

4 tips to make your flyer mailing campaign a success.

Flyer advertising has been around for a really long time now. The fact that it is still in practice, even after digital marketing made its grand entry into the scene only proves how effective it really is. 526 more words

Ads In The Mail

Targeting IP Technology is Boosting Direct Mail Response up to 50% Consistently!

As Featured In:

Digital Car Leads, a Division of Buy Mail Direct is revolutionizing the Automotive Digital and Direct Mail Marketing Industry.

Here’s how:

Basic formula: Home Address = IP Address… 256 more words

Hey Automotive Internet Gurus, "it's the TEST DRIVE Stupid!"

Internet Gurus with no car biz experience have invaded the auto industry. They sell a narrative that only exist in their mind. It was created by either their own experience buying a car or just got the “creative juices” flowing one night with “a little help from their friends.” Either way, STOP IT. 326 more words

Why is IT So Impersonal?

It’s funny how things we once pegged for dead seem to find their way back into mainstream. Like a cat with nine lives, items from previous decades are rising from the ashes and making their way to the forefront of pop culture. 732 more words


Run Any BMD Event, Earn a Custom B.Spoke Suit!

Exclusive offer through BMD and B.Spoke. We give them accolades and some love (well deserved by the way) , and in return, we worked out a deal where you (or your salesperson, manager, whomever) get a top of the line: 491 more words