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6 Reasons Why You Should Include Direct Mail In Your Marketing Campaign

Lots of business have been utilising email marketing in recent years, as they see it as an effective and affordable method of marketing or remarketing their products and services to their target audience. 610 more words

Why You Should Be Using a Multi-Channel Approach

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with a client who’s currently doing a multi-channel campaign with us. We basically have taken¬†a process that she’s been doing manually and streamlined it with our multi-channel solution, 360. 504 more words

Multi-Channel Marketing

3 Jackie B Cooper Lessons That Will Never Go Out of Style!

The Internet has brought more “gurus and experts” to the car business than I care to count. Everyone wants to tell dealers how to sell cars, how to treat customers, and on and on. 363 more words

The Importance of a Targeted Mailing List for Business

A mailing list is often sought out by business owners in order for their businesses to get their goals. Once a firm has reached their goals, they can pronounce their success over to their respective business industry. 410 more words

Email List Services

Response Rate...Is your marketing effective?

I know we are all involved in real estate. However, it’s very important to understand that you are actually in real estate MARKETING! Real Estate is the vehicle we use to generate income, however, MARKETING is the life blood of our business. 890 more words

Real Estate Marketing

Top 3 Car Buying Influences Have Not Changed for 2015!

Does Social Media really influence anyone to buy a car? If someone I know post up on Facebook, they just bought a Toyota Camry, does that make me want to go buy one too? 606 more words

QR Codes Can Make Your Direct Mail More Effective : Target Marketing

QR Codes Can Make Your Direct Mail More Effective : Target Marketing.

Direct mail is an effective way to reach prospects and customers. But, we have to admit that both customers and prospects are becoming more mobile, and therefore digital content is becoming more important. 47 more words