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How Did I Become The Owner Of A Mailing And Printing Company?

That is a question that I asked myself sometimes, how did I get here? As most of are aware, life sometimes just happens.  I did not start out to be a business owner and when I started I knew nothing about printing except that I was married to a printer.  457 more words

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How Productive Can You Be In 15 Minutes?

Here’s the dillema…I need to write this blog post, but I have to leave in 15 minutes.  So I’l just procrastinate- send out some proofs and tracking instead and work on the blog tomorrow.    348 more words

5 Reasons Print Stubbornly Refuses to Be Replaced

No matter how frequently marketing gurus prophesy the demise of print, and no matter how loudly and publicly they do it, print marketing remains the bedrock of any successful multichannel marketing program. 264 more words

High-Resolution Photography Attract Less Price-Conscious Patients

For a course I taught on direct marketing best practices this graphic helped illustrate two different ways to address a client’s low-resolution photography submissions.

First, we discussed how low-resolution photography indicates cheapness. 118 more words


Bonobos for the win.

Sometimes it’s just the simple shit.

Bonobos has sneaky good marketing. Get past the rhetoric lifted straight from my fraternity and you’ll see they’ve got some smart people thinking about effective shit. 103 more words