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Du Pont Flower Brochure

This is an all time favorite of mine. Du Pont continues to kill it with these sales conference program brochures. Can you guess where this conference was held? 126 more words

MarkTen E-Cig Mailer

It’s a hard sell to convince cigarette smokers to switch to an electronic cigarette, but MarkTen has developed a smooth looking e-cig. It easily could be mistaken for a real cigarette because it’s small, thin and white. 170 more words

Looking For A Mailing List? Burns Provides FREE List Counts With Maps To Our Customers.

When looking for a mailing list it is best to have a targeted list.  There are several ways that Burns Mailing & Printing can search for your demographics; 188 more words

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How to Make Direct Mail an Effective Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Since the rise of email, direct mail is often overlooked as a marketing strategy. But what you may not realize is that direct mail, if done correctly, is a very effective, measurable and targeted means of promotion. 408 more words

Did You Know Personalized Printing Is Green Printing?

When you think about personalization, do you think about lower cost per lead, higher per order values, and increased ROI? You should. But you should also get excited about how personalized printing helps you… 282 more words

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Pep Boys Pocket Mailer

Brand loyalty is becoming a science these days. I’ve seen a few people on Linkedin with the job title Marketing Loyalty Specialist. Rewards is an obvious way of building customer loyalty which is what Pep Boys is trying to do with this mailer. 130 more words

Del Oro Camp Mailer

The Salvation Army invested big money in developing and remodeling Del Oro Camp, which provides free summer camp to children. In order to finance the operation they rent out the facilities to organizations for conferences and retreats. 140 more words