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Five ways that high quality printing can add value to your direct mail

Direct mail continues to be a popular and effective form of marketing communication, particularly if used as part of a multi-media campaign. Intriguingly, it has several significant advantages over electronic forms of communication, particularly when the possibilities that high quality printing can provide are taken into consideration. 375 more words


In My Inbox - February

As part of my giving experiment, I committed to tracking all the correspondence I received from charities and documenting their impact.  In February, I received (to the best of my knowledge — see below for how I may have lost count!) 89 pieces of communication from 42 different charities.   1,281 more words


Engage Your Readers... Effective Headlines

When you are writing a marketing communication piece – print ad, sales letter, direct mail piece, brochure, blog entry, press release, newsletter, webinar – where do you start? 152 more words


Big Data in the Real Estate World

Big data is a perennial and oft-overused term. What is big data anyway? Big data is a large or diverse set of information that’s too massive to use in its current state. 487 more words

Real Estate Marketing

Direct Mail is Trending Up

Many years ago, the predicted demise of direct mail captured marketing headlines everywhere. As a result, the downturn in direct mail volumes between 2006 and 2008 when other forms of customer engagement captured people’s attention and budgets during the economic slump surprised no one. 203 more words

Automotive Direct Mail Campaign with "Selfie Stick" High Pull Gifts!

March Special for Automotive Dealerships! 
Digital/Direct Mail Marketing Campaign With HOTTEST PULL premium in the country, the Selfie Stick!


  • Four Color Process
  • 100 Selfie Sticks (50 with 5k piece) …
  • 42 more words