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Duplicate Checks For Mailing Lists

When we get a mailing list at Burns, we do a duplicate check.  However, if the person on the mailing list is listed as James Jones, James P. 175 more words

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Don't Forget to Ask

This time of year I am spending a lot of my time working with clients on developing their end of year appeal.  And while I push for a multi-platform approach, the direct mail letter is almost always the launching mechanism and is always the piece that sets the tone. 384 more words


Does the Print Industry Need a Makeover?

by Martin Aalsma

Print is dead? Not quite. Print is everywhere and, in fact, there is a greater need now for the printing industry than there ever has been before. 589 more words

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Engaged Audiences Appreciate Creativity

In today’s competitive marketplace, each of us are looking for that one thing that separates us from our competition.  I believe the gap between your competitor widens when you use creativity to engage with your audience. 62 more words


Mary Culnan and privacy ala 1999

Self-Regulation and Privacy Online,” FTC Report to Congress https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/1999/07/self-regulation-and-privacy-online-ftc-report-congress

Culnan, M. J., & Armstrong, P. K. (1999). Information privacy concerns, procedural fairness, and impersonal trust: An empirical investigation. 895 more words


Print Marketing in a Digital World

Why Print is still a Powerful Marketing Medium

Print is not Dead

The integration of marketing methods can provide a significant increase to a campaign’s effectiveness. 1,156 more words

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USPS Comments On Political Mail And The Millennials

Below is a link to an interesting article about political mail and the millennials.


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