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Comparison of Callout Copy

The copy on the callout on the right contains “We” copy and I discount it’s value immediately because it is not focused on the needs of “Sarah” (the ideal customer) who is evaluating the advertisement for value to her and her family and doesn’t care about the business at all, at this point. 121 more words

Content Development

Amazing Vintage Footage Of Gladys Ingalls Repairing An Airplane Midair

Amazing Old Aviation movie.

Without a Parachute Mid air repair…by a woman 1924.

Fabulous footage, although grainy due to time and bad equipment in those days compared to today. 138 more words

Printing & Mailing

Being Genuine

This past summer the father of a good high school friend of mine passed away. He spent the last few days of his life in hospice, where he and his family received comfort and care. 333 more words

Direct Mail


Have you ever found yourself searching for the right way to win over a person who resists an idea?  You know you are right, but you don’t need to pound the table to prove it.   467 more words


Direct Mail vs. Email...... Which works best the numbers don't lie

Direct Mail Still Gets the Best Response

  1. Direct mail household response rate is 5.1% (compared to .6% email, .6% paid search, .2 online display, .4% social media).
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