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Are You Taking Advantage of the 2017 USPS Postal Promotions?

You may have heard through the print grapevine at one point or another about the USPS Postal Promotions, but is your company taking advantage of these discounts? 445 more words

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Color Inkjet Revolutionizes Direct Mail

Sooner or later virtually all direct mail will be produced utilizing full color inkjet printing technology. At Johnson & Quin that technology is available today! Johnson & Quin has a long history of innovation, and today we are on the leading edge with color inkjet. 183 more words

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GDPR consent update (not really)

I wrote to the ICO to ask them about this consent theory that’s doing the rounds.

…and the ICO said:

Dear Mr Rapp

Thank you for your email of 18 May 2017.

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Buy Mailing List To Increase Your Client Base

Without any doubt, business mailing lists significantly boost the power of a firm’s advertising campaign. A lot of firms buy mailing lists to strengthen their marketing. 419 more words

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Political Mailings Have Already Started

At Burns Mailing & Printing, we love the time leading up to elections.  The reason is a lot of printing and mailing.  We have been working with politicians for many years. 82 more words

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What is a State of TN Women Business Enterprise Certification (WBE)?

When a business is at least 51% women owned and meets other guidelines specified by the Governor’s Office of Diversity, that business can apply for a WBE status. 122 more words

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Everybody Likes To See Their Name In Print

Everyone likes to see their name in print, with the exception of bills.  When you receive a letter from a non-profit, it is nice to know that the letter is  personalized with your name. 178 more words

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