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The email no fundraiser wants to send...

Your Christmas appeal’s landed, responses are coming in, you’re busy analysing 2014 vs 2015 response and you’re getting your reminder data/stop file off to the printers. 495 more words


P.S. Don’t forget to put a P.S. on your direct mail letters

A P.S. basically means, “Oh, I forgot to tell you something”. It comes from a time when letters were written by hand. If you forgot to include something in the body of the letter and had already signed off, you had two choices: rewrite the letter from scratch or stick it at the end. 678 more words


360-Degree Marketing You Can Measure

How can technology be leveraged to improve the performance of traditional marketing campaigns, like direct mail for instance? 365 more words

Real Estate Marketing

3 Traditional Marketing and PR Initiatives That Still Work

With the advent of social channels, virtual workplaces and mobile customers, traditional marketing initiatives can sometimes seem stale or irrelevant. But the truth of the matter is that the best marketing campaigns combine some of the ever tried and true best marketing practices with new inbound methods, social media channels and digital communications. 717 more words


Why Direct Mail Customers Spend More Online

The longstanding channel of direct mail is still the foundation for marketing campaigns and it compliments digital efforts as a sales medium, building a brand, acquiring leads and strengthening existing relationships. 427 more words

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Less Is more - Direct Mail

Yes we live in a world that is dominated with technology but don’t think that this means that direct mail is no longer valuable to you. 278 more words

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Building the “Family Tree” to your Integrated Marketing Campaigns

As we mentioned in our first 1:1 Marketing post in this series – we understand that creating more relevant and personalized communications can be overwhelming. That’s why we not only recommend the Crawl, Walk, Run method to identify the best way to deploy relevant communications for your brand, but we also highly suggest mapping your campaign out in what we like to call a “Touch Tree.” 311 more words

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