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Thought for Food #1: Just in time food delivery

What if there was a way to eat only when you are hungry. And to eat just enough so you don’t overeat, or eat when you are bored or stressed or both. 182 more words

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Everything You Need to Know About Mobile and Email Marketing Services

These days as more and more people are switching over to the mobile devices for their web browsing needs it has become mandatory for websites to become compatible with smaller screens. 132 more words

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Get the Best Creative Services to Market Your Brand

These days business ventures run not mainly on rationality but also require a lot of creative planning. As the need for specialization is becoming a very coveted quality among professionals, companies are looking for custom-made solutions that will bring in more clients and satisfy the existing customer base as well. 116 more words

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Who is the new supermarket shopper?

Chances are someone is going to the supermarket on their own for the first time.

They may have moved from home; have a new job in a new city, or country. 178 more words

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Designing the Perfect Direct Marketing Campaign for Your Business

Direct Marketing Campaigns are usually far more successful in boosting the web visibility and reputation of the business. If you have a small-scale website or store, you can avail of the benefits of advanced marketing solutions to attract more customers and expand your earning opportunities. 99 more words

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Being Basic

Everybody wants to be liked, if we’re being honest with ourselves. So why not wear something designed to increase your likeability!
Take Sarah, for instance. She represents a few of my clients. 402 more words

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