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Direct Speech and Reported Speech

Direct speech and reported (or indirect) speech are two ways of writing something that somebody has said. Depending on the type of writing and the effect they wish to create, writers can use either direct or reported speech. 220 more words


Reporting Speech

The process of writing news as a journalist involves reporting what people say. There are two ways of doing this, either by direct speech or indirect speech. 110 more words

WfP (Print) CB

A great website to use when teaching dialogue.

Today I taught an English lesson which focused on dialogue between characters.  I wanted to motivate the students and found an excellent website to do so. 167 more words


The Great Padiham Pie Robbery - Level 2 class notes - 21st April 2016


  1. Proofreading

  2. You say, we pay game

  3. The Great Padiham Pie Robbery

  4. Hot-seating, interviewing, perspective/point of view, direct speech, indirect speech

  5. Write a 1st person report from the crime scene…

  6. 370 more words
Level 2