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There are two ways to convey your message in english language,

  1. Direct speech.
  2. Indirect speech.


Direct speech are the exact words that are spoken by the speaker.they are mostly written under inverted commas(”  ”). 452 more words

Writing as we speak

I guess all writers want to improve the way they write, and write each piece better than the last. When people first start writing they often seem so pleased to have actually finished and that what they started has reached the end, that they don’t even consider looking back over it and working on it to make it better. 930 more words


I can't defer book gratification

Something I’ve become increasingly aware of lately is my inability to defer gratification when it comes to reading (and jam doughnuts).

I keep making resolutions to read the books I have on my shelf before getting new ones. 247 more words


My Top Five Tips when asking bloggers to review your book

Most authors know that approaching bloggers to review their new book is a great way to drum up some free publicity that gives their book a word-of-mouth popularity, but when it comes to approaching blog authors, their emails can be very hit and miss. 663 more words


Not every problem can be fixed with a screwdriver

My husband is a very linear, black-and-white thinker. He’s an engineer, so I guess he fits a type.

When he sees a problem, he looks for the fastest, easiest solution, and then stops. 318 more words


Reported Speech

Reported Speech

  • To report/repeat what someone has said in conversation
  • Paraphrasing in writing

Direct Speech:

Sarah said, “I am quitting my job at the end of the month.” 888 more words

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