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Speaking For Myself

I’m beginning to notice more and more, as if it were widening, the gap between the narrative telling of stories, and the presentation of direct speech. 871 more words


How to use quotation marks properly

Quotation marks, also called quote marks, quotes, speech marks or inverted commas, are used in a number of situations. Their main use is to show the start and end of direct speech and passages by other writers. 911 more words


Direct Speech

Learners usually struggle punctuating direct speech. Especially Additional Language learners. They tend to use Afrikaans rules where they use : instead of , .

With this informational text, you can teach your learners all the rules to direct speech. 13 more words


Quoted Speech 'n Reported Speech

In order to give information about what people say or think we can use quoted (direct) speech or reported (indirect) speech. 721 more words


What did they say? Reported speech!

1) Your teacher is very old and she’s a bit deaf so she constantly asks back and wonders what her students are asking her. When she asks you what another student’s question was, try to answer her using reported speech. 219 more words

Manifesto for a Polyphonic Society

With exquisite precision nine voices rise in unison – multiple melodies take shape, emerging above the bass ‘drone’ before settling back into the pleasing harmony of a chord. 1,947 more words