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A great website to use when teaching dialogue.

Today I taught an English lesson which focused on dialogue between characters.  I wanted to motivate the students and found an excellent website to do so. 167 more words


The Great Padiham Pie Robbery - Level 2 class notes - 21st April 2016


  1. Proofreading

  2. You say, we pay game

  3. The Great Padiham Pie Robbery

  4. Hot-seating, interviewing, perspective/point of view, direct speech, indirect speech

  5. Write a 1st person report from the crime scene…

  6. 370 more words
Level 2

"Let's talk about dialogue," she said

Quotation marks are used to show the exact words of the speaker. It’s called a direct speech.

She said, “Let’s meet by the coffee stand tomorrow.” 589 more words

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