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'The Divine Order' Director Petra Volpe On The Crumbling Of The Swiss Patriarchy

On the world stage, Switzerland is often thought of as a neutral, progressive and all-around first-rate country—so much so, that it may surprise some to learn that Swiss women only got the vote in 1971. 364 more words


'Let It Fall' Director John Ridley: Racial Progress Reversing Under Trump

In the seven months since John Ridley’s documentary on the LA Riots first hit theaters and then ABC, the nation has taken a turn, the director says—and not for the better. 721 more words


Josh Hartnett & Margarita Levieva To Star In Crime Thriller 'Inherit The Viper'

EXCLUSIVE: Josh Hartnett and The Deuce‘s Margarita Levieva have been set to star in Inherit the Viper, a crime thriller revolving around the timely topic of the prescription drug epidemic ravaging the U.S. 237 more words

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'Get Out' Director Jordan Peele: Scaring Up Racial Dialogue By Fusing Genre With Polemic

While he built an Emmy-winning career in socially aware comedy, those who knew Jordan Peele weren’t surprised when he married a polemical theme to the horror genre for his feature directorial debut… 663 more words


7 Directors + Backstage Experts on What It Really Means to Direct Actors

Is a director supposed to be like an on-set psychologist for actors? Should they simply stay the hell out of their way? Backstage got the inside scoop from seven directors and industry experts, all of whom weighed in on what the real working relationship is between the actor and their director. 704 more words

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"Pericles; The Prince of Tyre" at the SGCNZ National Finals 2017

Back in June we traveled to Wellington to the SGCNZ National Finals to perform “Pericles; The Prince of Tyre”. This was a 15 minute excerpt with a colonial New Zealand twist. 76 more words


'White Sun' EP Danny Glover On The Hope Children Bring For The Future Of The Political Process

In pre-production on Nepal’s Oscar entry White Sun, where intergenerational and complex national politics are at the forefront, director Deepak Rauniyar elected, in unorthodox fashion, to cast actors whose political sympathies aligned with their characters, believing that it would otherwise be too difficult to live with them for an extended period of time. 405 more words