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Anticipation of A Warm, Welcoming Sunrise

Sunrise, to me, is a fresh new start. Fresh clear canvas, a clean slate, hope, and potential. Not to mention the beauty and warmth of a spectacular exhibition of color. 189 more words


Terms Nearly Done

Roads wind off into the sunset, mystical and unknown. Sometimes you just have to follow the path for a short distance. Let the questions sit and ride shotgun, answers will come soon enough… 264 more words

Truck Driving

The Road Beckons, Distant, Whispered, Avaricious

Silently demanding, whispered desires, melodiously carried on the breeze. The solitude, so valued, seemingly exotic and intoxicating, is just over the horizon.

My days as a trainer are nearing an inevitable conclusion. 212 more words

Truck Driving

The Road is Life

The road is my home. Long stretches of swarthy oiled macadam, unfolding to the horizons. My boundaries change daily, even hourly. This is one of the many reasons I love my job. 161 more words

Truck Driving

What I See Out My Window

A few weeks back, WordPress’s Daily Prompt was a simple question. ”Find the nearest window. Look outside. What is the most interesting thing you see? What is the least interesting thing? 228 more words


Were It Possible To Chose My Own Saint!

If the God’s and Spirits were to allow the choice of your own protective Saint, I know now who would be my choice.

A child so pure and strong of heart to have given his all, soul, spirit, and being to save one even younger than he. 119 more words


Sunshine or Shadows

The road, though darkened by storm, runs true. Ever winding, climbing, decending, yet always tracking onward. Many a crossroads to be passed, decisions made. Choose well, for the course selected shall determine shadows of storm, or warmth of shinning dawn. 38 more words