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Straight lines, or so it seems. Criss crosses confuse my path. Confuse my mind. Notions arise that push back and attack, then they take over. I’m not saying that it’s bad. 87 more words


Daily Bliss - September 26

The Angels remind us not to allow fear to be our compass in life. Fear will never consistently point us in the right direction, only the safe one.

Daily Bliss


When I came to Thee
You heard my plea
And answered me

There is no need to be sad inside
If in Him you will abide… 109 more words


Shit happens

A lot can happen in a year.

And even more can happen over a few years.

My blog is roughly a few years old now (I think), and although I don’t necessarily have an exact memory of what has happened in the past, or that I read through what I have written, I can definitely feel the change that has occurred. 1,045 more words


Each Step

Trust God no matter what
Stand firm and be strong
That’s not all you’ve gut
You cannot go wrong

But you must go deeper still… 60 more words


One Way

Do you not know
Have you not heard
There’s one way to go
All else is absurd

Many people say this
And many say that… 25 more words