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The Eagle has landed

Strangely this article has taken a bit longer to write as anticipated; not getting caught up in perfection and control; trusting and knowing that it needed to shape and form itself. 956 more words

You're The Thought

I wish sometimes that I could be more in control of things. I am being controlled by emotions and by circumstances at the moment.

If the thoughts are right, the mind is set to drive and course onto good things. 81 more words


~Show Me A Sign~

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads feeling like you haven’t the faintest idea which way to go?

You could easily continue on the same path you’ve been on, nothing wrong with that, or you could take a hard right into the unknown. 426 more words

Pointing North

Have you ever been lost? Have you ever taken a wrong turn, and found yourself somewhere you didn’t recognize? Have you ever walked a little too far, and missed the path you meant to take? 469 more words


Do You Know Your Genre’s Word Count?

There are things that you really don’t discover until after you start sending your manuscript out into the writing world. There were things I wished… 510 more words


Navigating Post College Life

I’m typing this as I sit in a room hundreds of miles from where I graduated college, now over a year ago. This past year has officially been one of the most incredible in my life. 724 more words



It’s usually the things I think of to say when nobody is around
that keep me dazed and confused because my mind keeps racing
with words of love AND hatred; 124 more words