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Choose a Direction - Keep Walking

At what point does a repeated mistake stop being a mistake and become simply how we are choosing to live?

At what point does guilt stop being something we’re feeling because we know we have made a mistake and start being simply something we are pretending to feel so that we can convince ourselves we don’t approve of the things that we continue to choose time after time? 115 more words

Become the BEST at what you do!

How do you do it?

You have already taken the first step in positioning yourself for greatness. Without asking, “what else can I do to be better?” then you remain exactly where you are – with no growth, no expansion, no scalability and not moving forward. 181 more words


To Cope

Where there is little hope
Having difficulty to cope
At the end of the rope

When life seems to fail
Imprisoned like in jail
To the Lord cry out and travail… 34 more words


Je te Choisi

Jean 15:16
Tu ne m’as pas choisi, mais je t’ai choisi, et je t’ai donné des fruits, et que ton fruit subsistera, afin que tout ce que tu demandes au Père en mon nom, il te donne. 371 more words

French Speaking People


If you are seeking truth, you should be able to receive (and recognizethe truth through whomever is speaking it.

“If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.” … 764 more words


the gemini cycle

Facebook keeps popping up on my phone like some kind of taunting goblin, “You haven’t posted on Meliorator in _ days.”

Trust me, I know. I miss it. 255 more words



Sometimes success feels tangible because you get to wear a specific looking black gown and someone ties a hood around your neck signifying that you in fact completed a goal. 399 more words