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Get Down to Rise Up

To rise up in Christ you must get down in the WORD.

Food For Thought

maybe I'll spend my whole life looking at you this way..

day 1 of exams today!! guess it went okay at least I wrote everything I know till my thumb is currently still numb HAHAHA PROOF THAT I ACTUALLY STUDIED YA so now it’s all about understanding?? 422 more words

God, I Need Help Now

Dear Lord,

I usually know, what to do or how to do everything however, at this very moment of my life, I don’t know what to do. 200 more words


It is in the looking glass I have come to discover

That the face I bear may not be what truly reflects

For long I have marched to the song of another… 148 more words

Christian Living

It's a tough job...

Had a research meeting today for a design project. A site visit… Can’t really complain about the work day when encompasses a ten minute drive, a 35 minute cruise on a ferry and a short bike ride through historic Port Townsend to the marine science center and back… All in warm bright sunshine and gentle breezes. 15 more words


Time for a change

Back when I started this blog in 2013, it was just a bit of fun; a place for me to focus on the things that make me happy rather than spending all my time complaining about how rubbish everything is, when in reality it really isn’t that bad. 710 more words

Happy Things