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Barbara Kruger, Sarah Sense and abstract layers of meaning

You know how it is – when something new and specific comes into your mind, then suddenly evidence of that thing seems to be everywhere. I recall that feeling when I was pregnant the first time, and evidence of pregnancy and babies that I had not noticed before suddenly came into sharp focus. 892 more words

Open Ended

Hi Peeps,

Today’s Quote

“There is no end to God’s unfailing love for us, His children who are called for His Purpose, following in His Footsteps, copying His Ways and Lifestyle of Love Openly!” ~ Jon Barnes…

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Daily Devotional


There is a language that is universally spoken. A language that everyone on earth is capable of understanding in their heart.

Something older than humanity, vast than the ocean and more ancient than the desert. 252 more words

Animation sheet commands - addendum # 2

Issuing commands in order

Commands are processed in the order they appear in the intend_list. However, there are 2 types of commands: state, and action. State commands change the sprite variables, and Action commands both change sprite variables as necessary, and also change animation (that is, generate a new lookup). 187 more words



When the mind is preoccupied with criticisms, it has no space for learning and understanding.

One of the barriers to effective interpersonal communication, is to be ineffective in listening and you have to bear with me that the biggest obstacle to effective listening, is the “habit” of continually and immediately pronouncing judgement on whatever is being said. 210 more words