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Umbrella and Tin Cans Turned into WiFi Dish Antenna

There’s something iconic about dish antennas. Chances are it’s the antenna that non-antenna people think about when they picture an antenna. And for many applications, the directionality and gain of a dish can really help reach out and touch someone. 228 more words

Wireless Hacks

Cool Making antenna - update

So today I tried the new antenna, gosh it is so convenient to use, very small footprint and very light.

Now to the important things. I managed slightly over 3km (remember we have CE over here in the UK) which is my all-time record! 104 more words



Yes, in a word-heartbeat! 

When you only need to Hear Him…

Because He CAN’T lie…

Because His direction is sure!

Because He CAN’T fail!

Because I can’t afford a wrong decision. 55 more words


No! It's Sunday already!

Hello beauties, how are you this week? Its currently the end of sunday, the weekend is almost over.

This week, my class presented our drawings using construction lines and directional lines, the concept of not drawing the object but drawing the general shape of the whole still life and then using lines and angles to determine the size and placement of the objects in the still life was quite confusing at first. 28 more words

The Snake and the Stork

When I first started reading Lenormand, an elderly lady once told me a very interesting story about the Snake and the Stork that has never left my mind. 360 more words

Petit Lenormand

A clear direction

G4S are making a positive first impression with clients and suppliers alike, since erecting this shiny and impressive entrance sign at Victoria’s largest prison in Truganina. 17 more words