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Seven Yards, Seventy Degrees

In photography, you pre visualize the images that you want to take.  If a location is nearby and familiar to you, you have probably taken dozens of pictures, each one slightly different, each one a variation of an idea that you want to execute.  167 more words


Simplicity and spiders

As a scene grows in complexity, it becomes progressively more difficult to create good photos.  It’s easy to overcomplicate things and forget that photography is about communicating a thought through an image. 99 more words


17 Nov 2017 - AAPL - Directional - Single (Lose)

9 Oct 2017 – Entry

  1. This is purely based on my own price action analysis – I had a bearish vertical trade and closed it with a loss because it broke my resistance trendline.
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17 Nov 2017 - UTX - Directional - Single (Win)

Trade Summary

  1. Net profit $28.81.

6 October 2017 – Entry

  1. This is purely based on my own price action analysis.
    1. UTX price stayed above my trendline after I closed the previous bullish vertical trade.
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Never A Good Sign

When your given name is Christine Columbus and your GPS (I loving refer to mine as ‘Bitch’) suddenly announces, “rerouting highway closurere”

The Tennessee Highway Patrol adds flashing roadway signs to the interstate stating ‘DON’T FOLLOW GPS’. 542 more words

On The Road