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Directional Menswear | Georgina Atkinson | Level 5

My directional menswear project is based on the WGSN theme Nocturne and the designer menswear brand I have chosen is Adamist. I chose this brand and trend as I thought they worked well together. 88 more words


28 Nov 2016 - Swing GOOGL

aDay 1 – 28 Nov 2017 : Entry

  1. GOOGL broke the mean on the first hour of market open. The wave indicator at that point was around 1.7.
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Directional Menswear Concept | Lowri Isaac | Level 5

I have chosen to design a capsule collection for a brand called Private White VC. The brand pays homage to it’s namesake WW1 hero; Private White. 102 more words


18 Nov 16 - Swing CL

Day 1 – 18 Nov 2016 : Entry

  1. Wave indicator is approaching the zero line. I took the risk to enter instead of waiting for it to cross the zero line.
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27 Oct 2016 - Swing GC

Day 1 – 27 October 2016

  1. This was a directional trade. GC has been trading at support for 5 days. One of my indicator (wave) has shown upward move so I decided to take the risk and enter LONG.
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Quick Hack Creates A Visual Beep Alarm

Sometimes a simple modification is all it takes to get something just the way you want it. The Ikea LÖTTORP clock/thermometer/timer caught eye. The LÖTTORP  has four functions based on its orientation. 175 more words


Clam shell lighting for beauty portraits

Clam shell light is soft, even and very flattering, and often used for beauty portraits and fashion photography. It seems to give a glow to almost everyone, and is easy to achieve if you have two lights. 788 more words