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What Do Directions Have To Do With A Plane

Do you read directions or listen to others to know what it is you need to do?

Are you the type to hear the first part and jump right in? 588 more words


How to achieve maximum force in any strike.

I know before I have talked about smaller people using large amounts of force thanks to being able to move at higher speeds, but how does one achieve those speeds? 1,376 more words

Communicating With Your Body

Direction 01 - 30歲的男人

● もう完璧 ✕ まだまだ ▲ 頑張って ? 不適合


▲ 聰明。
? 牛仔褲上不再有破洞。
● 舉止優雅大方,我的同事和朋友都喜歡她。
▲ 擅長傾聽。
● 我講笑話她會微笑。
? 替我記得我母親的生日。
✕ 尊重我,給我生活和思考的空間。
✕ 對我的豔遇不要太敏感……
▲ 幫我買領帶和襯衫。
▲ 有情調,週末做幾個好菜,開一瓶紅酒。
✕ 認為對於愛情,理解比激情重要。
▲ 偶爾給我很好的工作建議。
● 經濟獨立,但掙得的錢不要比我多太多。
▲ 有人追,但好像沒有太多男朋友。
● 不期望我成為蓋世英雄或百萬富翁。
✕ 不要求老在一起。
? 結婚也可以。
● 喜歡小孩。
✕ 不再傻笑



Are You Listening?

One of the most common questions that parents ask is if their child is ready for Kindergarten. Not only do children need to know how to write their names and count to ten, but they also have to master a variety of social skills in order to successfully transition into a Kindergarten classroom. 524 more words


Turn Left

Him: Where’s the bathroom?
Me: Take the parking elevator to P1 and then make two lefts.
Him, a minute or two later: Where is it? P1? 72 more words

Stupid People

Theodore, Theodore, wherefore art thou?

I’ve always been terrible with directions. Like how Pierre Herme was literally a five minute walk from my apartment in Paris but I spent 30 minutes because I couldn’t get my bearings right. 442 more words

Storium and why you should read directions

Storium. I’m trying it out. I wouldn’t normally, but my friend, Paul, asked me to. It’s a little out of my realm of experience – and by a little, I mean a lot. 97 more words