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... You're Damn Right [#CIA re evaluation][#ISIL]...

.. given the results of Bloody Friday , we should all be re – evaluating the threat that I.S.I.L. presents . They are not a bunch of choirboys . 151 more words

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'That's comforting': DNI James Clapper 'kind of salutes' Chinese for OPM hack

You might be concerned about the massive OPM data breach, which has left millions of Americans compromised. But you’d be missing the bigger picture: 230 more words

US Politics

Pentagon Rushing to Open Space-War Center To Counter China, Russia

The Pentagon and intelligence community are developing war plans and an operations center to fend off Chinese and Russian attacks on U.S.military and government satellites… 587 more words
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Clapper acknowledges omissions on Iran threat in report

A senior administration official acknowledged to Senate Republicans that its 2015 intelligence threat assessment failed to provide the full scope of Iran’s state sponsored terrorism. 248 more words

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VICE: Releasing Bin Laden’s Porn Stash: The Public's Heroic Battle with the CIA Continues

Jason Leopold writes: In addition to his library of English-language books on topics such as international law, voting irregularities, and the Illuminati, Osama bin Laden… 492 more words

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A new map of organized crime, terrorism hotspots in Eurasia


As organized crime plays an increasing role in funding terrorism, research at the University of Kansas aims to pinpoint hotspots in Eurasia where drug trafficking, human trafficking, and terrorism coincide. 153 more words

Director Of National Intelligence

No Mystery: Valerie Jarrett Gave Order To Stand Down In Benghazi Terrorist Attack

The omnipresent power behind the throne some have called the president’s Rasputin had the power to call off three strikes against Osama bin Laden. She may have used that power again the night four Americans died in Benghazi. 449 more words
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