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CRIME 1st Scene Screenplay Reading of TOE TAG MURDERS, by Carl F. Zimmermann

Get to know the writer:

1. What is your screenplay about?

Clearwater, Florida rising-star homicide detective, Mike Carol gets the chance of a lifetime when he goes to New York to work a two-year stint as a liaison in the Queens 112 precinct. 373 more words

Winning Screenplays

Monsoon Shootout

A good thought theme but poorly crafted into a story. It would have better worked in a short film. Acting performances were good but the direction was a letdown. 38 more words

"Jump"- Critical Reflection

When I became director for the project Jump one of the first things I did was begin thinking about what my stylistic approach to the film would be, an approach that would inherently be made up of the various styles of all my favorite directors and their films. 1,145 more words


What did I expect to learn from reviewing a show?

  • Read and review one show

I don’t know to be honest, what was the point of this goal?

This goal just went into overdrive. I am preparing to submit for three shows at my local theatre which means having to dissect shows to the skeleton and have a plan. 207 more words

Amalgamation Of Life

Ocean's 8 Releases First Poster

I have many reservations about Ocean’s 8, the least of which being the all-female cast. While I do find it to be low-hanging creative fruit to simply do a gender-swap reboot/spin-off of a popular franchise, I find that more an offense TO women. 129 more words

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