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Manager and Director Workshops...To Lead, You Need Followers...Not Clones!

Kudos to your team or company if you bring in different workshops throughout the year to grow your staff.  But if you’re not developing your leaders, you are investing money that will never grow. 118 more words

How Board Evaluations Fall Short

The New York Stock Exchange requires that the board of each publicly traded corporation “conduct a self-evaluation at least annually to determine whether it and its committees are functioning effectively.” The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that boards are staffed and led appropriately; that board members, individually and collectively, are effective in fulfilling their obligations; and that reliable processes are in place to satisfy basic oversight requirements. 1,266 more words

Corporate Governance


This is Infinity Critics a new film criticism and review. Here at Infinity Critics, we do don’t limit ourselves to writing solely about cinema, we also follow television series, actors, directors,and more.Browse our content at your leisure, recommend films and shows we should watch or review, and share your opinion. 9 more words


Five Underrated Directors.

The film industry is a difficult career to make a name for yourself in. For actors and actresses, it’s a bit easier for them to build their portfolio. 1,374 more words

'Don't Think', 'Think Hard', 'Are you Thinking' - What the ****?!

Thinking about thinking…I keep getting emails from confused actors about thinking – or not thinking… It is confusing…

‘Stop thinking. You’re too much in your head.’ 1,280 more words


Directors And VR

From uploadvr.com – Many of gaming’s biggest names are yet to get into VR, but Hollywood’s biggest directors have plenty of thoughts about the emerging platform.

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