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Please stop killing direwolves!

Okay, I’ve been watching Game of Thrones since its first season and I must say, that on all accounts, I should be used to the amount of betrayals and deaths that this show has churned out in the battles to seize the Iron Throne. 317 more words


Chocnut and Family

Sunday get together and it seems our puppies are gonna start walking and running next week.


Rickon Stark Has Rough News For 'Game Of Thrones' Fans In Denial About Shaggydog

One of the cardinal rules of TV is: Never assume someone is dead unless you see the body. This applies to both humans and direwolves. There’s a good chance… 210 more words


A to Z Challenge - D for Dire Wolves

Hi all,

Anyone else a fan of Game of Thrones? Since it’s back this month (squee!) it seemed only right to devote a day to Dire wolves. 344 more words


Dawn -Alyssa Rose Ivy

It is always darkest before dawn.
Gage and Mary Anne are on the run and determined to break Hunter out of prison so he can finish changing Gage. 75 more words
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Sixth Day of Geekmas: Six Direwolves

♪ On the Sixth Day of Geekmas, my fandom gave to me… ♪

Six Direwolves 486 more words


Fantasy: Direwolves clobber Coeurls

The Detroit Direwolves have a lot to be thankful for after last week’s win over the Calgary Coeurls, 129.49-66.02, which earned them a berth in the CGA playoffs. 118 more words