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AADConnect: Updated build (1.0.8667) available

If you look at the current download page of Azure AD Connect (AADC) you will see there is a new build (Version 1.0.8667) available since… 22 more words

Hotfix And Update

Office 365 Series - Episode 002 - Getting to know Admin Dashboard, Setup and Users

Welcome back.  This is the episode number 2 for the Office 365 deployment and we are at the test run trial of the Office 365 site. 347 more words


Office 365 change email address to non onmicrosoft.com domain for Groups

If there is only X500 email address in your DirSynced onpremise Active Directory distribution group, the DG automatically picks up the onmicrosoft.com domain.

To change this, either use ADSI Edit or Active Directory Users and Computers (View Advanced Features) to add “SMTP:dg@domain.com” to the ProxyAddresses field. 7 more words

Office 365 AADSync Password Sync failed: Event 611 System.MissingMethodException

Just recently I installed the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync, and faced a strange issue: Password Sync was not working. When a password was updated on premises, those changes were not being replicated to Office 365. 260 more words

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Office 365 Directory Synchronization - Feature Comparision

Hi Folks,

Marc Lognoul, a French MVP did a good Job comparing the different methods of synchronizing your local Active Diretory wiht Azure Active Directory: 6 more words


Office 365 AADSync does not start after password change

When you install AADSync, it creates a local service account and sets the password. I have not figured out what that password is but of course I want to change the password to something I know and one that follows my password guidelines. 361 more words