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Which Driver Are You?

When you have a chance to observe a wide variety of people doing the same thing, you cannot help but notice some common trends among the ethnic or simply social groups. 1,055 more words

Exciting Jobs

Mendocino Forest Humble Pie (Snowriding)

Since riding at Hollister pretty much every weekend, and not having been to Mendocino in a most a year, we have gotten soft.  I know I said that after riding Hungry Valley as well but truth is truth.    1,034 more words


Supercross Triple Crown - Go or no go?

I enjoyed the triple crown format. I enjoyed the build up to the day of the triple crown format. It was similar to the monster cup but it still felt fresh for taking place during the regular SX season.   655 more words

2017 Elsinore Grand Prix: Pitting For Shawn For The Harvey Mushman

Of course, Tabi and I weren’t the only people to race the 2017 Elsinore GP.   I know I am late on this but work is super busy right now.  1,116 more words



The reason i am sharing this story today is because it means the world to me. It was one of the best days of my life on this earth and i would like for everyone to read it. 501 more words