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Its Clear Sandra Bland's Was Murdered By Cops But They Still Ruled Her Death A Suicide (Video)

After footage of Encinia and Bland’s encounter was released to the public, suspicions of editing and Encinia’s own account of the incident were called out. In the police report, the officer says he asked Bland to exit the vehicle to continue with his investigation. 684 more words


The Light Wars are always Won by the Cops; what if I used a spotlight back on them?

They always shoot the suspect first with incredible amounts of light, especially at night. I don’t think the cops firepower is to see you as much as it is to blind you. 369 more words

Texas Police Department Investigating Cops For Using Abusive Force On Young Teens At Pool Party

Teenagers just wanted to enjoy the day and have some fun at a pool party but of course that had to be interrupted.

Multiple Texas police used abusive force on young teens at pool party. 295 more words


Aquarius isn't the Dawning of a New Age

I have to start off with a confession. The X Files is on my list of to ten television shows of all time. It combines my love of mystery, horror, science-fiction, and the supernatural. 824 more words

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Baltimore Riots Erupt: Enlists National Guard, State Of Emergency, Curfew Declared To Fight Riots

Monday’s riot was the latest flare-up over the mysterious death of Freddie Gray, whose fatal encounter with officers came amid the national debate over police use of force, especially when black suspects are involved. 505 more words


Review: Last Shot by Eve Gaddy

“My mother detested me. Don’t try to tell me she didn’t. She did. Ask anyone who lived here when she was alive. She wasn’t shy about bad-mouthing me.” – … 1,041 more words

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Rogue ex-drug officer admits he planted evidence, stole cash during 20-year career

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A rogue ex-police officer testifying against drug squad colleagues in a federal corruption trial in Philadelphia admits he committed “thousands” of crimes during his career. 122 more words