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Triple 9 Review

Although there is a lot going on, a decent story and some strong performances make Triple 9 one of the more exciting entries in the crime-thriller genre. 587 more words


“If I Run” by Terri Blackstock

Terri Blackstock has written a winning novel, “If I Run”.  It is full of suspense and secrets that snare you from the very first chapter.  Casey Cox is wanted as a person of interest in the murder of her good friend Brian.  145 more words

Book Review

Who's Toothless, Grey and Playing in his own Shit?

BARBADOS.  None other than Everton Gittens.  Word reaching Naked is that Everton R. Gittens is not taking his incarceration very well.  In fact, we hear he has totally lost it and is in bad shape!   155 more words


Denise Greaves, Driver of S4141

Good morning Naked.   This is my story on Denise Greaves driver of S4141 former police officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force.  I met Denese Greaves when i was at my lowest time in my life one nite coming from watching a netball match I was sitting crying in kfc she walk past me and then come back and ask me what was wrong I told her none She said to me So why u crying i am a police officer i can help you I said no becaused i dont trust anyone from the police force She told me she aint like them she can help We ended up talking for 2hrs She offer to taked me home which i said ok This woman used to call me and ask me how i am doing and would make sure i am ok She would take me out so i could get out the house While i was out one day a school friend saw me with her and pull me aside and ask me if i aint learn from when i was molested from that wicker woman I said yes i learn and move on She said to me well that policewoman u with is a lesbian I said no she aint She is cool she have a man that she introduced me to She said listen she is a big stinkin lesbian hear and walk off I didnt listen caused this woman used to bring a man by me sometimes with her and them used to act all love up One nite we went out to a party I got drunk and she took me home All i could remenber we in the bath bathing and feeling horny Then in the bedroom with her having sex and enjoying it Next morning i woke up she was gone leaving a note she see me lata When she came the evening i was on edge I said whatever happen lastnite was a mistake Would you believe this woman told me she had never enjoy sex with nother one like me before and she aint leaving me me I told her i dont want this She said it is this and i cant stop her from coming at me This woman would come by me beat me if she see anyone around me and pretend she dont do it After i complain many times to the policestation for her The policemen would just laugh at me She told me i am her woman nobody cant stop her Even my family in the police force was on her side This went on for 2years All this time she was beating another woman from haynesville name shanna too that wanted to fight with me also although i told her me and denise aint in anything It was a whole group of them that used to play women cricket for the police force that knew what denise was doing to me Then it was another girl from another cricket team that denise had that she beat also unmerciful and break her hand and fuck her too with a big dildo and had her in hospital for 2wks (i told her i was writing you and she told me please dont put her name cause she is still scared of her for reason she dont want to share) Naked no one believed this girl but it was true about everything Denise did to her cause she was fucking another policewoman behind her back.   299 more words


I'm Not Paranoid. Open Your Eyes.

What does Rape Mean to a Cop?

And the Inhuman Award of the Day goes to . . .

Ryan Coleman-Farrow

This creep “faked police reports… 257 more words


Keith Whittaker's Police Hit Squad From the 1970s to 1990s‏


Albert Trotman aka “The Sheriff” -deceased, stroke

Robert Daniel aka “Dirt Harry”- deceased, stroke

Daniel Jemmott aka “Starsky” – deceased, allegedly poisoned… 176 more words


Date Rape is NOT a Crime

June 4th, 2015

The Actual Problem

Not me.

Possibly You.

The System.


Drumroll Please………….

Date Rape is not a crime.

“Oh my God!”

“She said it!” 2,417 more words

Collateral Rape