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The Villainous Sperm Donor’s Book Recommendation

My purchase was rooted in a love of all things Dirty Dancing. In high school, during my millionth viewing, I made a note of the book Robbie hands to Baby. 293 more words


Dirty Dancing (1987)

Vào năm 2015 mình có đọc một mẩu tin nhỏ, về việc nhân dịp 25 năm kỉ niệm ngày công chiếu phim “Pretty Woman” (1990), một vài rạp chiếu ở Anh đã chiếu lại bộ phim này. 227 more words

Movies Review

Ashes and Dust

It’s hard to imagine someone’s life reduced to a box the size of a loaf of bread.

Mom made her wishes known–she wanted to be cremated. 515 more words

Feb 18 - 28 Days, 28 Songs - Day 19

Day 19 – A song from one of your favourite movie soundtracks


Dirty Dancing

I miss Patrick Swayze so much!! :'( I fell head over heels for him and the movie in general when I saw it. Of course, as a then 5 year old I wasn’t allow to see it  when it first came out (lol), but a few years lady I did and it has become One of my All Time favorite films!!  15 more words


No one puts Baby in the corner

I love to dance ; on nights out, around the house, at work, anywhere …. I also love to do dance classes. I went to ballet school as a child and dance is really the only exercise I truly enjoy. 199 more words

50 Fabulous Things

Watch, Re-Watch and Watch Again

There are certain movies that I can watch and re-watch and then watch again and I don’t think I will ever not watch them at least once or twice or three times a year. 1,313 more words