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The Case of the Slippery Wedding Dress (and oh yeah, I got married last weekend)

In the sixth grade, which was my last year attending public school, I took dance as my elective. The gym teacher, who was somewhat of a visionary (despite not being properly liscensed to teach in the state and eventually getting fired) devised a rendition of “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing for the finale of that year’s holiday concert. 927 more words


Tee 620

Nobody Puts Eggy in the Corner
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Staged 'Dirty Dancing' best seen through nostalgia-tinted glasses

By Richard Ades

If you’re a fan of Dirty Dancing, you may not have the time of your life watching the stage show, but it’ll probably do until the next time you catch the 1987 flick. 634 more words


Weekly Gratitude

This week I am grateful for…

Creating moments of calm in the midst of all the busy, busy, busy-ness!

Favourite films that never get old. 84 more words


Last chance to be a 'Dirty Dancing' extra in North Carolina TV remake

BUNCOMBE COUNTY, N.C. — Hoping to be an extra in the “Dirty Dancing” remake filming now in western North Carolina? Here’s your last shot, according to WLOS… 133 more words


Top 10 Favourite Movie Soundtracks!

Hey everyone!, so technically this is my first official post. Generally just a little easy going one to start off with:).

Now I always think to myself whenever i’m going to see a movie what soundtrack will make them go out with a BANG!  130 more words

Real Talk: Dirty Dancing

I am on the dating app bandwagon again. I’m keeping it classy and also 0 to 60 sassy if anyone steps out of line, like this weirdo. 53 more words