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Who was at the door?

It was obvious really, she had been knocking on their door the past however many days and she had become quite close to both Al and Martha. 101 more words


Who Really Likes this House Cleaning Thing?

Where did this week go?  I wasn’t really that busy – besides throwing my pity party on Monday, that is – it was like any other week! 73 more words

Just For Today

Killing the beast (again)

We were away from home for four weeks, which was just enough time for things to start piling up. It’s hard to do much of anything around the kitchen with such a mess, so today I finally had the chance to take care of it. 71 more words


Hypocritical Parenting

Our kitchen sink….With the dishes I left in the sink this morning.

My wife text me this photo with a message saying, “This is what you do every morning so don’t get mad at T (nickname for our kiddo) for leaving her dishes in the sink.” 185 more words

ADHD Behaviors

Life Tips

When heading into the kitchen to make lunch

It makes more sense to look at the dishrack than the fridge

To decide what you are going to make. 43 more words

Life Tips

If Dishes Were Wishes . . .

The chore I hate doing the most is dishes.  I despise doing the dishes. I have a dishwasher now, but that doesn’t seem to change the fact that I still end up elbow-deep in dish soap at least twice a day.  1,022 more words



Remember all the wonderful thoughts I shared yesterday about feeling happier and more at peace?

Yeah, well, if you saw me during the hour and a half window between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm today, you would swear yesterday’s post was a lie. 649 more words