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The Arrival of Julio (7/1/15)

Did you know there are some McDonald’s that are not 24 hour?! I mean what’s the point of living if your local McDonald’s isn’t open at 3am…. 368 more words


Clean Enough

I received this memo today via Facebook. Thank you for the reminder, Sharon.  So often we find ourselves caught up in the if you just knew my life… 407 more words


Clean Babies, Dirty Dishes

I’m a teacher so I have summer’s off. During the school year, I am out of the house roughly three days a week. Although these “away” days don’t afford me the luxury of showering at noon or spending the day in yoga pants if I feel like it, they are still significantly easier than the days I spend being an all-day mom. 727 more words

Clean Babies

Encouragement in the Mommy Wars

There are two sides to the mommy/stay at home mom war when it comes to the cleanliness of the home. Dads, you are in this too. 412 more words

How Asking God to Make You Smell Like Lavender Will Cleanse Your Heart

In my city, there is about half a mile of our main highway that, at night, smells like strong chemicals. Since recent years, it is only at night that the chemical plants release whatever the odorous substance is. 600 more words


Service to Household ~ The Dishes

I have a dishwasher…and I have a sink full of dirty dishes.  I need to be consistent and stop procrastinating about something that never goes away and grows quickly when left alone.   226 more words

Household Practice

Do male writers get distracted by housework?

This question has been irking me for a while, but to be honest, I’ve shied away from it for fear of the stink it might cause. 220 more words