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Affirmation, Gratitude and Dirty Dishes

Here is today’s affirmation for creating self confidence and what I am grateful for. 8 more words


Little by Little

Sometimes when we think about our habits,
the things we would like to see changed
fills our to-do list
and discouragement steps in
before we even know where to start… 568 more words

Today's Thought

Dirty Dishes by Deer Tick

Healing Music

Love Notes and Dirty Dishes #3035

I admire him´╗┐

His eyes sing Christmas morning

Snowflakes, pine, and cheer


Love Notes and Dirty Dishes #0132

Happy Birthday girl

Her beauty intangible

A force of passion


Love Notes and Dirty Dishes #4532

Love is a lion

Ravishing and ferocious

Let it consume you 10 more words


Signs of Life

What makes a house feel like home for you? For me, it is any evidence that life happens there. And those signs of life look different to each of us. 136 more words