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Have YOU thanked your dishwasher today? aka: rant

…working in restaurants for a living you get used to washing dishes. You also get used to having a dishwasher. Yes, a PERSON that is constantly washing the pots and pans that you use, the roasting pans that are burnt, the dishes with someone else’s eaten food on it, the glasses with lipstick stains, all those spoons you use to taste with all day long, graters with cheese stuck everywhere, ricers with mashed potatoes stuck in every groove, strainers with all the starch crap left if every whole that could take 1 hour to wash if you are anal about it, every single plastic container that was used to store food in it. 243 more words

Mommy's Not Cleaning It: Recap of Day 2

Good morning! Day 2 started like any other. Kevin and I worked out and Jane was the first of the children to wake up. She gets dressed and heads downstairs. 640 more words


Dishes (poem)

Loose grime and stringy meat
that comes away in the water
and lies in wait by the drain,
tangled in the silverware,
ready to snarl like seaweed… 63 more words


Those Dishes Were Clean

Good day! It’s Bumble Tuesday. Of course, a Bumble can happen any day of the week. Today just happens to be Tuesday…

For today’s Bumble I will begin with some background. 527 more words


Dirty Dishes: Guilty

Off the Deep End

Album: Guilty
Artist: Dirty Dishes
Label: Exploding in Sound
US Release Date: 2015-01-27
UK Release Date: 2015-01-27

Dirty Dishes certainly leave a messy sink. 383 more words


Washing dishes - There is hope!

I am one of those people who cannot stand washing dishes. There’s a girlfriend who once told me that her dishes used to pile up so much that she was convinced God (who we know as omnipresent) was not in her kitchen. 328 more words

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