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Week 9: The Sun Only Shines on This Side of the River

featuring: more ghosts, overflowing laundry, dirty dishes

“Could you quit running into me?”

I glanced over my shoulder, as if I would actually catch his eye.  1,834 more words

Short Stories

The Purpose

For the sake of love

For the sake of poetry

And dirty dishes…


Toxins in Dishwasher Soap

I can admit that I never ever EVER thought about chemicals, additives, synthetic fragrances or other toxins in regards to the soap that I use in my dishwasher. 369 more words

How about these Dishes?

I love our kitchen, but it’s rather small, and whenever I feel like I cannot live another day without a dishwasher, I look at the cabinet space I would lose and my desire for another appliance flies out of the window.  217 more words

Writing And Prompts

Healing and Dirty Dishes...

When we are going through a challenging situation it can be very difficult to imagine that things will ever get better. I felt this way many times during the past few months. 254 more words

The Pre-writing Walk

A northern wind slices off some of the sun’s warmth. It’s a surprisingly clear, bright sun, the kind of sun that appears after storms dump inches and feet of snow. 277 more words