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Dirty Dishes and Distance

Dear Sarah,

Before we get into the book, let me say how happy this whole thing makes me. I love books. I love blogs. And I LOVE you. 844 more words

Best Friends

Living a vivid life = Kicking the shit out of Option B

In the first days when eating, changing my clothes, and brushing my teeth were things that friends and family had to facilitate the world was bland – Dave was certainly the color and hue knobs of my life. 1,022 more words


Product Review: Ecover Washing Up Liquid ★★★★★

As it’s probably one of my least favourite jobs in the world, I avoid thinking about washing dishes as much as possible, so never really stopped to consider the environmental impact that my daily chore was having. 237 more words


The Arrival of Julio (7/1/15)

Did you know there are some McDonald’s that are not 24 hour?! I mean what’s the point of living if your local McDonald’s isn’t open at 3am…. 368 more words


Clean Enough

I received this memo today via Facebook. Thank you for the reminder, Sharon.  So often we find ourselves caught up in the if you just knew my life… 408 more words

The Party's In The Kitchen

Clean Babies, Dirty Dishes

I’m a teacher so I have summer’s off. During the school year, I am out of the house roughly three days a week. Although these “away” days don’t afford me the luxury of showering at noon or spending the day in yoga pants if I feel like it, they are still significantly easier than the days I spend being an all-day mom. 727 more words

Clean Babies

Encouragement in the Mommy Wars

There are two sides to the mommy/stay at home mom war when it comes to the cleanliness of the home. Dads, you are in this too. 412 more words