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Dirty Hair Don't Care

I am probably going to lose friends over this but I only wash my hair 2ish times a week. I say ish because sometimes it’s more depending on what I’m doing i.e.: super sweaty workout or a swim in the pool. 277 more words

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Old Lady Beauty—The Importance of Being Sponge Worthy! Blending and Bargains and Hiding the Higgly-Jiggly Bits!

We are having a piece of furniture delivered today so I decided that I had better “put my best face on”—naturally I didn’t want to scare the delivery men because there could be a chance of their dropping this nice TV cabinet down three flights of stairs. 1,747 more words

J. Crew

How Your Dirty Hair Is Helping Bring Back the Shower Cap

Shower caps are having a moment, and it’s all your fault. Well, it’s our fault. Daily hair-washing is no longer the norm—we’ve eschewed squeaky-clean scalps in favor of days-old texture and a codependent relationship with dry shampoo. 510 more words


Rantings of a Hairstylist: Yes, Your Hair Is Smoking 

Newsflash: your hair isn’t smoking because my blow dryer is hot

As a hairstylist you see all different kinds of people day in and day out. 560 more words

The Grease is your friend

Working in the modeling industry, my hair gets put through the ringer! Blow drying, straightening, curling, teasing and one high pony after another can take a lot out of a girls hair. 179 more words

Beautiful Hair

Let's Talk About 2nd Day Hair.

I know there are many people that wash their hair everyday for various reasons.  If you’re like me, you can get away with washing it every other day – and some people can stretch it out even longer between shampoos. 327 more words