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Smell something sour? It might be your hair.

Smelly scalp/hair is a sensitive topic, I know. But I’m going to address it anyway.

4C type hair tends to be dry, tightly coiled and coarse. 372 more words

4c Hair

Hairstyles for dirty hair

Some simple hairstyles for when your hair is dirty

Like some other women I have greasy hair, which means that i have to wash my hair almost everyday and i know that is not good. 127 more words


I don't always wash my hair, but when I do...

I never wash my hair.
In fact, I wash my hair so infrequently that I forget when I’ve washed it last.

Sometimes I have to write down when I wash my hair to make sure that I know when it was done last. 516 more words

Color Upkeep


A lot of women are fond of leaving your weaves or wigs on for donkey years without washing it! And then you expect your husband hold and cuddle you! 103 more words

Marriage Class

The Dirty Hair Edition

Hi Friends! This is probably the hundredth time I’ve talked about 2nd day hair but today is different because I will actually show you what I do when my hair starts to get gross because I haven’t washed it.   582 more words


Worst Case of Head Lice ever!

The footage of a mom trying to comb the creepy crawlies out of her daughter’s hair will make your skin crawl

This stomach-churning video captures what could be the most extreme case of head lice ever seen, as hundreds of nasty creepy crawlies are brushed from a poor child’s head. 241 more words

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