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Gina J's Dirty Laundry February 8, 2016

Was Beyonce’s halftime show performance a criticism of police?  And what about that #HotRef??  Plus, find out what celeb threw the BEST Super Bowl party and more in today’s Dirty Laundry! 782 more words


5 things to do this week in Calgary

Dirty Laundry: Season 16, Episode 13 at Lunchbox Theatre (Monday, Feb. 8)

This season the hijinks of the improvised soap opera happen inside the walls of Degenerate Hospital. 332 more words


Pluck Your Eyebrows, Jazz

I am not exactly a girly girl. Not by choice- by default. I am a default girl. I fall back on my instinct : punk rock gypsy with a splash of 20s’ and/or 60s’ inspiration. 950 more words


Nobody Likes You When You're 23

I can’t keep a job to save my life. In the two years I have been in Savannah, I have had four very different jobs, and I guess I sucked at all of them, because here we are. 1,138 more words


Look At The Birdie

Being pregnant seems gross.
I was lucky enough to be in school when my sister was pregnant with my nephew Avery. He is my favorite person, now one and a half years full of toddler hell. 1,105 more words


Writing VS Editing: The Struggles Of Being A Happy Writer

I sweat when I edit.

A friend of mine read me my horoscope the other day. I love everything to do with Astrology, and the stars (because I am a big witchy nerd) but I never got into horoscopes. 695 more words


Questions For The Man At The Supermarket

There was no make up on my face, my bangs were frizzy and un-straightened. My over sized shirt had a “hang loose” sign on the pocket, almost touching my knees, my legs clad in yoga pants, covering my heels and tucked into my flats, ballet style. 879 more words