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If you have a little girl . . .

So, I actually pay for the maintenance of this site. It gives me stats and reflects what hits home with people.

It also shows me where references to my site come from, usually FB, sometimes other social media platforms, but today I saw this: 52 more words


Dirty Old Men

The moment when, after being hit on all night by a man approaching 60, your father tells you that, “you should take it as a compliment that men still find you attractive.”  I’m 29. 292 more words

The Moment When

Bike Night II

Shout out to

Canadian Tire Kitchener West

for hosting Bike Night II

In support of Jumpstart

Thanks For Asking!

Throwback Thursday #10: "Sal and The Eyes Always Meet Rule"

Summer 1983. I survived High School…and jumped into a 2 year college program.

(At the time I had no idea I would eventually get my Masters degree…27 years later) 519 more words

So the highlights of this holiday were the Turkish blonde newsreader on TRT [I did not go out in Brussels Monday night because I thought I would keep my powder dry for Cologne]

So the highlights of this holiday were the Turkish blonde newsreader on TRT and the incredible blonde ponytail girl in green cowl neck top over massive huge breasts in Koln Hauptbahnhof. 235 more words

A public "apology"

I had hoped to ride out the rest of my time here on a wave of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, but then something came up – namely, my hackles. 842 more words


Nice Ass

Every few weeks I get together with a few of my boisterous, out-of-control friends and take the mini-van to a local pizza joint where we can OD on Coke Zero and ogle the far-too-young and tasty serving wenches as they lean purposely over the table to deliver a Green Goddess side-salad and accidentally clench their butt cheeks in an enticing way. 737 more words

Modern World