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#Throwback | Photographs From The Now-Defunct Puma Social Club...

The Puma Social Club was a party hosted at 81 De Korte Street in Braamfontein every Friday. It used to attract students mainly, with artists, hustlers and corporate labourers providing a good balance between a ratchet night of forgettable fuckery, and great memories made sweeter… 245 more words



DeaderThanDisco is a Joburg-based electro duo formed by lifelong friends Dale Allman and Garrick Jones. After experimenting with various styles of music and being in bands such as Start The Fire and That Boy is a Firestorm, they started DTD in 2012. 1,646 more words


Dirty Paraffin- Download This [Music Video]

Dirty Paraffin are the connoisseurs of inner city living and the internet. Their latest visuals come from Jody Brand, a true suburban thug. Big ups to Chris Kets for getting all Samurai on them visuals

Music Shit

Joburg Party

I stumbled across the most wonderful video this morning highlighting Joburgs growing youth subculture and the changes within the city. Videos…or anything with this tone always make me smile and make me want to get up and dance around like a crazy person. 151 more words

Nice Joburg

okmalumkoolkat on the song “Download This On MP3” from their Greatest Hits Volume1: Zifo Zonke Mixtape

“… My Mind Process G4 iMac/ Shall Never, Never Lose It’s Power. 122 more words

Gallery Des Cassettes

DIRTY PARAFFIN is a duo, based in Jo’burg, originally from Durban and strongly influenced by South African Kwaito as well as the Zulu language and culture. 39 more words


Documentary about Dirty Paraffin

As Dirty Paraffins‘ futuristic music is maneuvering its way successfully through the global music (rap/electro/kwaito/etc.) blogsphere we have now the exclusive chance to see how Dirty Paraffin actually started to exist, where their name came from and how Okmalumkoolkat and Dokta SpiZee create their awesome tunes together. 52 more words

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