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Snapsex: Getting risky and frisky on Snapchat

If it’s one thing twenty-somethings and most people of the twenty first century have learnt is that sending naught pictures to another person never usually ends well. 1,600 more words


Sending dirty pics on Snapchat? Meet Snaphack.

My small head can’t understand how Snapchat became so popular, what the appeal of sending a picture of your foot or selfie and be able to see it for 10 seconds? 282 more words

Dear disappointed,

Things never seem to work out as planned.  The more effort you put into something the bigger the mess becomes.  The trouble is expectation.  What does that teach us then?   288 more words

a highly inappropriate request and other random boy related stuff

As usual life is busy. It doesn’t help that I am the ultimate procrastinator. I hate the pressure of a deadline, yet I seem to need it to get stuff done with any sense of urgency. 1,095 more words


So I am sitting at home at 10:00 on a Saturday night. Not by choice mind you. But because I have become a total loser. In breaking up with the Smoker I found freedom and even more loneliness. 1,646 more words

The waiting game…easy, fun, and everyone is a winner.

Men, listen carefully because I’m going to save you a ton of time, effort and unnecessary drama. The majority of issues with women are created by your failure to do one thing: WAIT. 696 more words