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Have You Read Machiavelli? Some of the Presidential Candidates May Have…

Have you read Machiavelli? Don’t feel bad, I haven’t either. Perhaps we should both feel good that we haven’t. My husband brought it home from the library one day (he was curious) and he told me about it. 168 more words

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Kill us; PLEASE

Kerry admits some Iran deal funds will likely go to terror:


It seems it is becoming ROUTINE that I am gathering my 5th grade students together and quizzing them on the logic and rationality of what our government officials do. 1,054 more words

Dirty Politics

Fun Fact Of The Day: Saddam Hussein Given Key To The City Of Detroit

Saddam Hussein Given Key To The City Of Detroit in 1980 File this under Only in America. Did you know that Saddam Hussein was awarded the key to the city of… 15 more words

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Pornhub's 2015 insights on Russia: My Little Pony smut on the rise, "porn nationalism" is not a thing, MILFs are popular for a reason

Note: I watched My Little Pony porn for the sake of research. It is not my thing, and I have Pony Traumatic Stress Disorder now (and can’t even take credit for that phrase). 1,302 more words