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Carmichael out now !

We all knew the lib dem mp Carmichael was caught telling lies we even asked him to admit it before the investigation which went on to rack up a bill of 1.5 million pounds so for this reason when so many people are suffering in poverty this clown should be forced out of politics forever a dirty smear and when caught out a shroud of the shoulders and a that’s politics comment shows how diabolical this man is a complete parasite with no integrity ,it brings me to wonder my mind to the political book of the year Fear and Smear by Pat Anderson , shunned by the British msm and only spoke about online via SNP and yes sites because of reading this book we could all see it as black ops dirty tricks also  where’s the inquiry in to the Indy ref Ruth Davidson looking in the ballot boxes and the bias BBC and MSM this telling lies is nasty ands needs for a call for legislation to make it a criminal offence to lie to the voter it’s shocking to some but no big surprise to others who see right throw there lies cheating and blatant downright decetfulness sad that this is allowed to happen and we have to ask him to resign .See link below to buy a copy of smear and fear a great eye opener into the dirty tricks applied by Carmichael types during the indyref ! 34 more words

Blogging, forgetting, and legacy

Giovanni Tiso has some good serious thoughts on the efforts of one Dirty Politics-affiliated blogger to get her writing stricken from the national record:

The case of lawyer Cathy Odgers is even more interesting.

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Dirty Politics

Nick Davis interview - on hacking and secrecy versus privacy

A very interesting interview of Nick Davies, investigative journalist and author of ‘Hack Attack’, on The Nation yesterday (it will be replayed this morning at 10:00 am). 2,595 more words


A glitch in the Matrix

I’m sure there are rational explanations for the hilarious similarities between John Key (or at least, his office) stating that there is “no factual basis… 445 more words


Dirty what?

Judith Collins would like her Cabinet position back, and John Key had better hurry up and get it done.

Collins will be acutely aware of the need to escape the back benches. 286 more words


The Follow-Up: The Rachinger Posts

In continuing from my previous post: The Rachinger Posts, the following post considers parts 8-11. The allegations effectively revolve around Slater and friends paying hackers to obtain information that can be subsequently used to embarrass opposition MP’s and force them to resign. 1,501 more words

NZ Party Politics

Bridgegate, the movie.

Bridge-gate has been a captivating and hilariously bizarre scandal to follow. Classic Machiavellian politics meets the culture of commuting and traffic congestion. Its like something out of a movie, with Christie and his lieutenants as the near perfect caricatures and a sense that there’s a larger conspiracy lurking in the smokey backrooms of Drumthwacket. 83 more words

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