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Wyatt Bunker has a lengthy and well documented history of unethical behavior. Example #1

Yes, Wyatt Bunker stayed his full 90 days as both Shelby County Commissioner & newly elected Mayor of Lakeland. So did his buddy Chris Thomas – fellow SC Commissioner & recently appointed City Manager of Lakeland at the time. 372 more words


Who the hell generates all these bull-shit stories??


JFK’s nephew says Emanuel has plan to force black people out of Chicago

Kennedy sure has a combination of looks between Bobby and Ethel. 371 more words



The most critical and distinguishing feature of a democracy is elections! It’s a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the most crucial decision of the country, for the public. 451 more words

Finger licking good - Not Kentucky Fried

Attorney Lisa Bloom sought to line up paydays for women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct: report

It is no wonder that many ambulance chasers are not thought to kindly and are way down on the popularity charts. 38 more words

The World We Live In

The Bimbo Eruption Squad Changes Its Tune

We are now asked to believe that the Bimbo Eruption Party, aka Democrats, has completely changed its spots and has become the party of absolutely defending all women against harassment and victimization by powerful men. 298 more words


The left can’t help themselves, now calling truth telling dirty politics — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Philip Matthews is a left-wing journalist at the The Press. He is very vocal on Twitter, and that says everything you need to know. In his column yesterday he is blaming dirty politics for the revelations of the truth behind Golriz Ghahraman’s embellishments.

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