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Bampots Utd presents the launch of its first fund raiser !

Its with great pleasure Bampots Utd is proud to present to the world our first fund raiser our aim over the next 42 days is to raise 1800 smakaroonies or pounds if your outside Scotland for a 6 page ad in The National  Scotland’s newest newspaper so we can promote Pat Anderson s new book FEAR AND SMEAR and hopefully get it in to the charts for the general election it would be great if we could push for number 1 slot in the Scottish charts what a buzz that would be to find out more about how you can donate and what gift you would like for this see link below… 165 more words

Armored fighting vehicles under American Flags appear in Narva, Estonia.

Published February 24, 2015

At 12:00 PM at night dozens of Armored fighting vehicles drove through Narva, Estonia in an unknown direction for unknown reasons. 1 speculation is that they are for a military parade celebrating the Independence of Estonia, but that is just a rumor. 12 more words

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Political donations and conflicts of interest

Danyl has some thought-provoking comments about the Herald’s analysis of electoral donations:

MPs and other political insiders get really upset if you suggest to them that this is all basically political corruption.

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