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Nicky Hager warned us about this.

Nicky asked that the takeaway from his ‘Dirty Politics’ book was not that John Key has bad taste in friends but that the government’s PR machine was increasingly running spin and shutting down, shutting out, or simply shutting up bad news. 39 more words

Journalist protection doesn't apply to books

The Privacy Commissioner has told New Zealand Herald columnist John Roughan that journalist protection of sources doesn’t apply to books.

The Herald reports in: Key biographer forced to release tapes… 1,119 more words


Slater versus Fisher and NZ Herald

Cameron Slater has picked up on the story posted by Scoop and also posted on here yesterday – see Cop ‘very surprised’ by police resources for Slater investigation… 270 more words


Some wonderings from John Key

I was in parliament the other day when it all suddenly hit me.

What if everyone thinks I’m a liar? What if the whole world thinks I’m just some kind of ponytail pulling weirdo who struggles to get out all the syllables of any word? 115 more words


Bradbury claims disputed - dirty politics?

The sun rose this morning and Martyn Bradbury made some claims about Labour and the Greens, and Greens and National, that have been disputed – some say he is wrong. 1,085 more words


Herald not quite right on Dirty Politics and public interest

Today’s NZ herald editorial compares Cameron Slater versus Nicky Hager (Dirty Politics) and Matthew Blomfield versus Slater (defamation action) in Editorial: Dirty Politics passes public interest test: 652 more words