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'Conspiracy Theories' and Clandestine Politics

By Jeffrey M. Bale

Source: Lobster Magazine

Very few notions generate as much intellectual resistance, hostility, and derision within academic circles as a belief in the historical importance or efficacy of political conspiracies. 3,426 more words




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Consider the recent accomplishments of your “movement”…

• Loretta Lynch calls for blood in the streets! 581 more words


Dirty politics?

Anne at The Standard: I hear tell Cameron Slater and co. are advertising through the appropriate channels for prospective right wing trolls to attend an urgently arranged training session.

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Why Hiaasen?

Currently my energy is invested in binge reading Carl Hiaasen’s work. Hiaasen has written a couple dozen books, mostly fiction, including collections of his newspaper articles, and novels for young readers. 451 more words

Builders and Destroyers

Builders and Destroyers

*** Revised on 2/3/2017 ***

Yesterday at the University of Berkley, a young girl wearing a Trump hat was sprayed with pepper-spray in her face and eyes by a man who was clearly not a student. 582 more words


Sour Grapes

Obama may challenge Trump more forcefully in coming months, report says

Is it safe to say that many of the tasks/obstacles facing PDT were created by Mr. 180 more words

Foolish People

Is it a creative chaos or it is a crusade against moderate muslims?

usade9 11 attacks was the start .Did USA do it itself or it just let it happen?

Did USA administration murder 3000 american citizen in 9 11 attacks to justify starting a war against iraq and  killing 2 million Iraqi? 419 more words