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How much money do you need to be in the one percent?

We’ve heard a lot about the one percent recently, largely because of people protesting against them. The protesters — the self-titled ninety-nine percent — are angry about the increasing inequality of wealth distribution and it’s a just cause. 775 more words

What's going on with Stalker?

I was looking up the title for the last Stalker episode and found much uncertainty about the show’s future, everything ranging from ‘probably renewed for season two’ to ‘certain to be cancelled’.   453 more words


Flashback Friday- Television Shows That Ended Before Their Time-The Riches (2007) & Dirty Sexy Money (2007-2009)

For every television show that is successful, there are many others that are not successful or that end before their time.

Two of these shows are… 290 more words


Previous series

I will continue with the making of lists. This one will show the series that are no longer on the telly (for better or worse). Some of these I will go deeper into in other posts and some I will not. 660 more words


MIB - Dirty Sexy Money

We be knockin’ on heaven’s door
But doesn’t mean that I don love u though
Dirty sexy money dirty dirty sexy money
Dirty sexy money dirty dirty sexy money… 234 more words