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It's His Birthday

It was a typical lunch time for us in high school. We took our usual spots for lunch, except today, Steph was the only girl at our table. 678 more words

Dirty Socks

Dirty Socks, Algae To Blame For Taj Mahal's Changing Colour, Court Told

The pristine white of Taj Mahal is turning brown and green because of dirty socks and algae, archeological body ASI told the Supreme Court today.

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Stop Smoking Aid

There was a time when Puma shoes were making a huge comeback and almost every girl I knew was wearing a pair of these shoes with the velcro straps. 1,139 more words

Dirty Socks

Contribution: A Bet is a Bet

Contibuted by: “Blake”

I’m on the rodeo team in High school. We are a tight group as we are always together. We practice every day. There are 4 girls on the team and 5 guys. 858 more words

Dirty Socks

A Social Experiment

During one of my college classes, we sat in an auditorium where the rows of seating ascended the further you were from the professor. Being the terrible student I was, I would usually be sitting in the back with my group of friends since nothing really mattered in that class anyway. 896 more words

Dirty Socks

Gym Punishment

There was a girl named Kayla in my high school gym class. She was part of another clique, so I never really talked to her much. 652 more words

Dirty Socks

Contribution: Teenagers Have Fun

Contributed by: “Mark”

I was shopping at the mall when my attention shifted to a group of teenagers being exceptionally rowdy. There was a group of 6 of them, 5 boys and 1 girl. 372 more words

Dirty Socks