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69 at 45

….is the door code for all the wards in the hospital. easy to remember, right? My age and my aspiration. Just don’t let me be fifty and still here and trying to remember what age i was when i started this damned job, the door code a constant reminder of how long i’ve been doing this damn job. 1,476 more words

Sad Songs And Dirty Stories


I sit in the little waiting room watching ‘homes under the hammer’ until i’m called through.

It’s a nice lady. It’s always a nice lady and they’re always gorgeous, why is that? 1,277 more words

Sad Songs And Dirty Stories


“I got it through an arrangement,” the man told the doctor with a scowl. “But it’s defective. It just lays there, giving me dirty looks. It barely does anything at all.” 2,368 more words

Erotic Fiction


******* Very sexually explicit *******
Christmas is a time for giving, and a time for receiving. I managed both quite happily.

I’ve fantasised quite often about having sex with other dressed girls for many years. 918 more words

Dirty Stories

Underdressed at last

After much planning and trying various items of lingerie on under male clothes to see how much of a strap can be seen, I have managed to find something that is easily hidden and today, at work, I’m underdressed. 421 more words

Dirty Stories