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Dirty Thoughts: Never See the Light

Everybody knows about vampires. Most people in cities have seen them too- in groups at night, desperately trying to get home before dawn, leaving their homes the moment after dusk in such a smooth movement they seem to float. 1,588 more words

Dirty Thoughts

Dirty Thoughts: One for the Books

My hands are on her hips and her hands in my hair as I push her up against the bookcase. her halo of tight dark curls shakes slightly with each heavy breath, even as we desperately try to keep as quiet as possible. 1,255 more words

Dirty Thoughts

Dirty Thoughts: Suits and Sneakers

I hate suits. It’s partly because I was forced to wear one for years at school, sweating and itching in the summer even with a jacket off, and freezing in the winter even with a long coat on top. 1,134 more words

Dirty Thoughts

Dirty little thoughts

Dirty little thoughts,

They sneak in and linger,

They blossom and excite,

Innocence on my face,

Curiosity, adventure, and dominance on my mind.

Few know my depth, 19 more words


10 minute stand.

The piercing look in his eye hints at depth

I can easily say the same about my wide open legs

Our flirty eyes and clumsy movements, 372 more words


I left work at noon today because I needed to run some errands.  In other words, I needed to stand in line at the DMV.  It’s about a 10 minute drive so Sir gave me a call.   127 more words

My Journey


Impure Thoughts

You make me think impure thoughts
Oh yes thoughts
Wandering fingers thoughts
Cut your nails, she whispers coyly thoughts
Wrap your hands thickly around my hips thoughts… 84 more words