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Over the edge
of her bathtub
her foot, beckoned,
her ankle necklace
her hand grasping
a glass of champagne,

“When are you coming in?” 28 more words



You’re not in my darkest thoughts, but you’re definitely in my dirtiest.

Sheets tangled around our legs,

Your whisper in my ear,

My tight grip in your hair, 128 more words

Unfinished Writing

Sex with Dysphoria, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bum

I’ve never actually participated in a #Kinkoftheweek before (and honestly I think I might be a little late, but the topic this week is one I decided I really wanted to write about. 996 more words

Dirty Thoughts

Dirty Thoughts: Combat Boots

This piece is actually a letter I sent to a FWB, but he gave permission for me to publish it on this blog. It is a lot shorter than the erotica I normally publish, but I feel making it longer and/or any heavy editing would go against the original spirit of the piece. 733 more words

Dirty Thoughts

Christmas Tree / Santa Hat / Christmas Gifts

Christmas Tree

Yesterday I spent part of the day helping Mom out putting up the Christmas tree, we struggled at first. It was more so getting the lights to work since I didn’t pay any attention to things when I put it together which later resulted in me kicking myself but it was quickly fixed by my brother who stopped in to grab a few things. 390 more words


I Know

Lazy is the word.

Stagnant is the game.

I stay this way.

Knowing its because of pain.

Moving is slow.

I know.

Movement is necessary. 119 more words


Dirty Thoughts: A Great Pretence

I feel like this piece does need explaining beforehand. Both men in this piece are trans men- one (the bottom) has had phalloplasty, and the top has not (his medical transition status, or indeed if he has or wants to medically transition, are deliberately left ambiguous) 2,062 more words

Dirty Thoughts