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I left work at noon today because I needed to run some errands.  In other words, I needed to stand in line at the DMV.  It’s about a 10 minute drive so Sir gave me a call.   127 more words

My Journey


Impure Thoughts

You make me think impure thoughts
Oh yes thoughts
Wandering fingers thoughts
Cut your nails, she whispers coyly thoughts
Wrap your hands thickly around my hips thoughts… 84 more words


Confession 16. Dirty Thinking

I sit on my bed with nothing on and procrastinating to go shower when my thoughts paralyze any notion of scrubbing myself down and getting clean. 612 more words


His touch and warmth as his hands glide down my shoulders right to my hips and down onto the bed we go kissing and lust fill the air as he touches my long and hard erection.

103 more words

Confession #6

Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.

Sexy images of Steve Smith banging Roger Smith. Zootopia characters mating in the back seat of the car. 36 more words

Dirty Thoughts

Confession #5

The boy said he wished he had bigger hands and I couldn’t help staring at his crotch ever since…

Dirty Thoughts

Dreamlike Fantasies

I dreamt last night and you were there. I was rubbing your back and you were nuzzling my ear. You asked me if I wanted to make you happy and I nodded an told you absolutely. 705 more words