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Hillary Milhous Clinton

Those of us of a certain age can remember the big to-do over political dirty tricks during the 1972 presidential election. CREEP, Fred LaRue, Donald Segretti, Howard Hunt, G. 37 more words


Miss USA 2005: Trump has been my mentor for 11 years. Blasts phony Trump accusers.

Donald Trump is surrounded by and mentors women like Chelsea Cooley pictured above every day. Trump has deep pockets and as yet has never been sued for sexual harassment or accused of anything until three weeks before a presidential election. 198 more words

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Former DoJ Lawyer: 4 Million Dead People on US Voter Rolls. Obama Stonewalling Cleanup Efforts.

J. Christian Adams is a former Department of Justice Civil Rights Division attorney whose job it was to make sure that the vote was honest. After he retired he founded The Election Law Center. 20 more words

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Obama Cut Off WikiLeaks' Internet to Protect Hillary, But WikiLeaks Was Prepared

The Obama Administration had current Secretary of State John Kerry asked Ecuador to cut off his access to the internet, but it made no difference. 63 more words

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Democrat Congressman: DoJ, FBI Decided 'No Matter What' Clinton Would Not be Held Accountable for Her Crimes

There aren’t that many of them, but there are a very few politicians who actually believe the values they profess. Congressman Dennis Kucinich is one of them. 167 more words

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Hillary's Paid Private Wall Street Speeches: You are the smartest people. Help us to regulate yourselves...

In the last debate, and for decades really the Democrats, Hillary Clinton in-particular, has promised to reign in Wall Street and stop their excesses. She make sit look like Wall Street fears her. 205 more words

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Powerline: Never forget the liberal media runs a smear campaign every election cycle.

Thanks to leaked emails form the DNC and the Hillary for President Campaign we now know that scores of elite media reporters essentially work for them, coordinate with them, and even submit their stories to them for approval before handing them over to their editors. 517 more words

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