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Don' t Pull Tricks

Lawyers have a bad reputation. Some deservedly so.

But a good rule of thumb is to not pull tricks.

I was representing a client when they called in a panic around noon during the week. 306 more words


Mind Games

Here’s a very simple example of what being manipulated looks like and how it affects us unconsciously even when it’s a little obvious it has been done. 438 more words

Dirty-Tricks 101

As we live in the information age, I believe it’s vital in understanding what kind of behavior spawns as a consequence from such. The online disinhibition effect is a prime example of how humans engage in paradoxical dissimulation and trash-talk simultaneously in two different situations. 528 more words

Factionalism and Entryism in an Affinity Group

Factionalism is defined as the internal dissenting within a large group from a minority of people. I.E. 10 dissenters vs. 100 total people in a group. 518 more words

push poll

push poll

(1990’s | journalese (politics) | “dirty trick”)

Push polls originated in political campaigns. They are presented as impartial, conducted by an organization not technically connected with a candidate (although if a respondent pushes back hard enough, the caller may be forced to reveal his true employer). 568 more words


From Bletchley Park to 'Deny, Disrupt, Degrade, Deceive': an Inevitable Path?

From Bletchley Park to ‘Deny, Disrupt, Degrade, Deceive’: an Inevitable Path? http://huff.to/1rloOB5 via @HuffPostUK