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95. A Combination of Factors Sunk Dems.

Whenever a Republican is questioned about a “dirty trick” like Russians influencing the election, they always say something like: well it may have happened but certainly could not have affected the final outcome. 526 more words


"Fake News"

The topic of “fake news” has been in the media of late. Many Americans may believe that this is a new phenomenon; sadly, it is not. 531 more words

American History

Are Democrats Tired of David Brock?

UPDATE: Shocking 49-Page Memo!


David Brock, Hillary Clinton walker and Soros-funded purveyor of the left wing smear site, Media Matters, once claimed to be a born-again evangelical. 276 more words


IC vs. Beloved Community

A letter written by the FBI’s William Sullivan which was apparently sent in an effort to encourage Martin Luther King, Jr. to kill himself:


Has Israel Been Influencing the British Government

Former Israeli Special Forces Miko Peled on a Israeli UK Embassy employee who was caught on camera plotting to ‘take down’ British MPs.


Trump and spooks

by Nick Wright

When, eight years ago, Barack Obama took office we allowed ourselves a moment to reflect that, with the election of a black man to the presidency of the United States, that something might be changing in that country. 1,618 more words

Economic Crisis