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Carmichael's Resignation Might be Lost in Translation

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That Alastair Carmichael’s hasn’t yet been arrested, never mind handed in his resignation, is causing some confusion over Scotland. Now that the details of his misbehaviour have come to light it is altogether likely that he has already handed in his resignation, but owing to his inability to tell the truth the letter reads more like the Cookie Monster pleading for another chance to protect the biscuit tin. 47 more words


Telling Lies to Save the Union

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As the Secretary of State for Scotland the Liberal Democrat MP for Orkney and Shetland, Alastair Carmichael, abused the power of his position to knowingly leak false information to the press about the First Minister’s desire to see David Cameron made Prime Minister again after the general election. 133 more words


The Bent Copper, his Jail-Bird Lover, the Manhattan Zionist & the Tel Aviv Law Firm: a Curious Tale

Today’s referral by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to the Metropolitan Police of a complaint against me lifts the dirty tricks campaign of recent months into the surreal. 7,987 more words


Anti-austerity, minimalistic purge.

I can’t write at the best of times but I have to purge before Monday or I’ll end up in Billinge*.  I also need to do it quick or I’ll end up in Leigh**. 880 more words


More news of the man who spied on the Thanet Stand Up To UKIP campaign group (you can see him hiding behind the placard, above.) 270 more words

British spies and their targets

A BBC series of 2002 worth revisiting, with a good critique by Miners Advice who said:-



By Rob Wedge

Today our Tory government gave fair warning of what it intends to do with its new term.

It says it will fast-track a string of new powers to tackle “radicalisation,” claiming the UK has been a “passively tolerant society” for too long. 376 more words