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Help Anti-Harper People to Vote Early

Harper has embarrassed Canada by exploiting fear and hatred to gain votes. He presided over heinous voting fraud to win in 2011. He may do even worse in 2015. 264 more words


'Satanic Panic' or devious cover-up?

Simple summary:
The mainstream view is that some time ago, in places like Orkney and Nottingham, large numbers of children were taken into care by over-zealous social workers obsessed with the idea the children were the victims of ‘satanic abuse’. 1,176 more words

Child Sex Abuse Denial

Email to spinwatch.org

I’m impressed by your site, and happy to see you cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of “spinwatch”.
One notable topic missed off your list so far is the way in which in the UK (and possibly in the U.S. 292 more words

Child Sex Abuse Denial

The Guardian - 4th October 2015

“Because the British state was rotten to the core, Bro Jack got away with it. Nothing could be allowed to threaten masonry, because the whole venal dinosaur of the Victorian ruling elite couldn’t function without it.”

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Child Sex Abuse Denial

The Guardian 21/9/2015

Pulitzer prize-winning Guardian, may I offer you some lessons in investigative journalism with regard to todays article http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/sep/21/westminster-child-abuse-inquiry-police-split-credibility-witness

The article baldly states that Scotland Yard’s high-profile inquiry into an alleged Westminster paedophile ring faces external criticism of its conduct”. 430 more words

Child Sex Abuse Denial