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CSA Cyberbullying - harassing and sowing suspicion

Here are some useful eye-openers and tips for child sex abuse survivors, witnesses, whistle-blowers and campaigners being targeted by bullies on Twitter, Facebook or other social media. 699 more words

Child Sex Abuse Denial

The race is on ...

… but it’s difficult to know who to back

Thank you Mail and Guardian for publishing the story we all wanted even though you have probably broken the whole cannon of ethics in journalism. 1,153 more words

African National Congress

The truth about freeholders' dirty tricks

The following blog lists many of the ways freeholders and their oily solicitors and valuers use underhanded tricks to gain unethical, financial advantages over flat owners when extending leases. 2,117 more words

Why is VIP child sex abuse really, really important?

If it is true that, at the highest levels of Westminster, the abuse of young people has been covered up by those who might have helped the victims see justice, it will go beyond scandal and will demand a response beyond outrage.

1,044 more words
Child Sex Abuse Denial

Living Church: The Seven

Acts 6:1-15

When there is conflict in the church, the church can grow! We have heard many times this or that church has had a fight. 1,086 more words


The 'Focus on VIP sex offenders is putting victims at risk' myth

Just a quick answer to the stories in the media (again) over the last few days, particularly this article in the Guardian, where NSPCC chief Peter Wanless is quoted warning of a: 724 more words

Child Sex Abuse Denial

Help Anti-Harper People to Vote Early

Harper has embarrassed Canada by exploiting fear and hatred to gain votes. He presided over heinous voting fraud to win in 2011. He may do even worse in 2015. 264 more words