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The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

That’s the title of a 1966 Cold War satire starring Alan Arkin as the commander of a Soviet sub that accidentally runs aground in new England, causing mass hysteria among the town folk. 534 more words

Randall Smoot

A Stroll Through Democrat's Sexist Memory Lane!

Democrats in the elite media have been scream every “ist” word they can think of as Donald Trump’s transition is under way, so what better time to go back in time and take our Democrat friends on a little stroll through sexist memory lane! 2,132 more words

True Talking Points

Watch Tucker Carlson take down Jonathan Allen's bogus Accusations about Sen. Sessions like a boss! (video)

Tucker Carlson grills smear artist Jonathan Allen who accused Jeff Sessions of being racist based on nothing but sloppy innuendo.

Senator Jeff Sessions, by the way, is the man who broke the back of the KKK in Alabama. 92 more words

True Talking Points

The so called "Alt-Right" the press squawks about isn't a movement, it's a few trolls on the internet...

…a few trolls on the internet who have next to no voice, which makes it easy for the far left and their agents in the elite media to associate them with anyone they chose to target. 325 more words

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National Review Has No Credibility - UPDATED!

National Review abandoned it’s banner as the voice for the traditional American with a conservative mind some time ago. Under Bill Buckley’s leadership, National Review stood up for the wisdom of the everyday American conservative, especially from the smears of the radical, neo-marxist left who has taken root into academia. 865 more words

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CNN Accidentally Outs Themselves On Air Using Cameraman as Fake Protester

As we all know, no one is more guilty of journalistic malpractice than CNN. Check out a partial list HERE.

In this video, CNN appears to interview a protester who begs Hillary to sue to get the presidency. 22 more words

True Talking Points

FLASHBACK: The Fine Art of Poll Rigging to Sway Opinion or ‘Make News’

Flashback: This is what yours truly posted in a Facebook Note March 24. 2016. Even though the explanation below is rock solid, the NeverTrump crowd insisted that the RCP was the ultimate in reliability. 786 more words