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Nigel Farage still hasn’t responded to our call for him to speak out on attempts to intimidate and threaten people who publicly oppose UKIP in South Thanet. 330 more words

Tory Press To Use "Miliband's a Leeds Fan" Smear Tactics??   -   by Rob Atkinson

As the General Election draws closer, and the various tax-dodgers, fox-hunters and perverts who form the natural band of Tory supporters start to gibber quietly with barely-restrained panic, the brainless yet powerful moguls behind the country’s filthiest… 951 more words


The Boxer Returns

To be honest we should have seen this one coming, after all many of us have been waiting for it, as the old joke goes, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean to say they’re not out to get you. 1,115 more words


The Horse’s Head

A brief(ish) aside before I inflict the final post on consent, we explore yet more fits of pique from those who have a self-perceived divine right… 745 more words


All quiet on the Spanish Front?

The row over Gibraltar’s sovereignty isn’t up there with the big leagues of British territory disputes. So far the Royal Navy hasn’t had to rush a taskforce out to the Straits to stop Spain from trying to take the Rock. 577 more words