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IC vs. Beloved Community

A letter written by the FBI’s William Sullivan which was apparently sent in an effort to encourage Martin Luther King, Jr. to kill himself:


Has Israel Been Influencing the British Government

Former Israeli Special Forces Miko Peled on a Israeli UK Embassy employee who was caught on camera plotting to ‘take down’ British MPs.


Trump and spooks

by Nick Wright

When, eight years ago, Barack Obama took office we allowed ourselves a moment to reflect that, with the election of a black man to the presidency of the United States, that something might be changing in that country. 1,618 more words

Economic Crisis

Russians Named in Trump Dossier Dismiss Claims -- Putin Will Go To Any Length To "Get" America -- "And America Will Swallow Anything."

They were incredulous over allegations of ties to Kremlin-led efforts to interfere with U.S. elections

The Wall Street Journal… 194 more words

80. Dirty Tricks Win Election

A number of actions occurred during the recent U.S. election process that can be classified as dirty tricks — and led to the Trump win. Here are the most important: 535 more words


Election Denier Chuck Todd Melting Down in NBC Interview /w Reince Priebus (video)

Everything that Reince Priebus says in here is absolutely true. What CIA assessment? Two newspapers who have been caught lying and spreading fake news against Donald Trump… 206 more words

True Talking Points

O'Keefe: The Media is dead - we killed it.

Legendary under cover journalist James O’Keefe exposed on video the Clinton Campaign hiring of thugs to create violence at Trump events, mass vote fraud, bussing in of people to claim they are citizens in order to vote for them etc. 16 more words

True Talking Points