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All quiet on the Spanish Front?

The row over Gibraltar’s sovereignty isn’t up there with the big leagues of British territory disputes. So far the Royal Navy hasn’t had to rush a taskforce out to the Straits to stop Spain from trying to take the Rock. 577 more words


Trickle down economics?

“Frankly I think the people are tired of being trickled on and having it called rain.” – Mike Rivero

Change Fearing Hypocrites

Martyr McAdams, continued

Point one: I am reluctant to spend much time writing about John McAdams and the self-inflicted difficulties he is having with his employer, Marquette University. 778 more words

John McAdams

UKIP councillor urges people to dish the dirt on Labour rivals

A WAR of words has broken out between political parties after a UKIP councillor issued a plea for “bad press” on any Bradford Labour councillor. 413 more words


Why Meritocracy Fails

Consider this model.

You have a lower middle-class man. Average intelligence, no special abilities or talents, mediocre work prospects and income. But he has one attribute of value. 612 more words

Role of Police in Maintaining Class Structure?


.          Slander. After the woman has applied for a job she has a chance of getting through being suitably experienced and qualified, the prospective employer will be approached informally and in a “word in your ear” way informed that woman is a criminal/prostitute/drug user or pusher/ mentally unbalanced. 902 more words