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Practical introduction to web mining: data wrangling

Most of programming work in data analysis project is spend in data preparation stage, and these’s due to the fact that the collected data is not already represented in the required and expected structure for your data processing application.  1,046 more words



Pulling me close.

Our bodies slowly intertwining.

Our lips pressed against one another’s, our tongues dancing.

My body pressed against yours,

My arms around your neck my fingers gently pulling at the back of your hair. 973 more words


Tales of Passion 94

She asked me to write her something. To write her a story that would entice her and elicit feeling. We had exchanged sexts before filled with innuendo and specific acts to spice up an already hot affair. 588 more words


Review: Dirty Grandpa

How this film only got 10% on RottenTomato I will never understand. This film is great, yea its a teen film and its a bit silly but its hilarious. 128 more words


American Legends: The Man from Nantucket (a small, yet gaseous passage)

“A last emotional fuck to give. Even when the almighty reaper props you up for the last time on your death bed and slaps your rattling back — forcing a final exhausted pronouncement of: “I no longer can offer or proffer a spare or fair ‘FUCK!’ to this bone dry, ravenous life!” Remember, in the spirit of beloved Old Mother Fuckmas, that there are multitudes of the fuckless — the clueless empty bags of douche  grateful to receive the least of life’s most destitute and discarded fucks.” — Samuel “Fucknuts” Swathorn — The Official, The Original, and the Only Man from Nantucket… 323 more words