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Three $100 stocks - Part 2 - JNJ

Last week I had posted Part 1 of the Three $100 stocks in which I looked at the numbers of Pepsi (PEP) a little closely. The second stock that I want to look at is Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). 522 more words


4 Top Merrill Lynch Media Stock Picks to Buy Now

The more that content becomes king as the Internet expands and grows, the more the top media companies continue to push their dominance in the sector. 694 more words


To Riga and beyond!

After a long Saturday of procrastination and over-packing for the week, International Business C has finally taken off for and (by the time I post this) landed in Riga. 284 more words


Weekly market round-up: 2 March 2015

A look at developments in the financial markets over the last week or so.

If horses had controlled investment decisions, there would have been no auto industry. 834 more words


Star Trek Movie Franchise Reaches $1.2 Billion Ticket Sales

Leonard Nimoy and his “Star Trek” co-stars built a remarkable movie franchise that brought in over $1.2 billion, or $103 million per picture spread over 12 films. 433 more words


Oresund Kollegium

Since the last time I posted I have been super sick and didn’t get to do anything fun this week. So I’m going to take the time to tell you a little more about my kollegium. 387 more words


Analyst Stocks Hitting 52-Week Highs That Are Still a Buy Now

Seemingly every day the stock market is hitting fresh 52-week highs, and while that is great news for investors, there is always the lurking fear about what to do with new capital or profits from older trades or investments. 687 more words