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Motivating to Post 100

Such a dreary Monday.  It looks more like my hometown of Cleveland outside than Meridian, Texas.  My body aches on days like this.   After perusing the news websites I typically read every morning, and playing a few mindless games, I can’t seem to get started on any  projects. 187 more words

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Dancing with a Forever Illness

Many years ago, I started looking at all relationships as a dance.  When asking a new partner to dance, or being asked to dance by someone for the first time, it is always awkward at first.   643 more words

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Multi-tasking with Chronic Illness

I have spent the past few weeks working on my project paper in hopes of receiving my M.Ed. next month. Let’s just say the going is slow. 139 more words

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Aimee Mullins: You Can Do It!

This posting is copied from one of my favorite bloggers.  It’s simply wonderful:

Aimee Mullins: You Can Do It!.

Why Would Anyone Need A Life Coach? Part 2

In my previous blog, I shared my own experiences with chronic illness and pain and how it took many years to figure out how to manage my illness and life.   664 more words

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