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Disability, Anthropology, and a Sister's Ambivalence

I have a confession: there are many days when I wish I was anything but a disability researcher. I think wistfully to my high school aspirations of becoming a pediatrician or psychologist, or my college plans to go into journalism, and I wonder when I veered off course. 1,799 more words


Having a physical disability vs having depression

At a media summit last year, a journalist asked me a question that, on the surface, I anticipated would be difficult to answer. After a few moments’ thought, however, I realised the answer was shockingly simple (and rather troubling). 323 more words


Top 5 Reasons: Why individuals with Disabilities are Underemployed or are Employed in Lower Skilled Jobs

“Why do companies tend to only employ people with disabilities in lower skilled jobs?” As a disability and diversity advisor, consultant and recruiter, I am confronted with that question professionally, and personally as a person with a disability. 973 more words


'Daddy, are you autistic like me?'

Original post from NZ Hearld

‘…………….By Ruth Wood

Ruth Wood meets the parents who only found out they were on the spectrum when their children were diagnosed. 1,450 more words


One in four civil servants still faces discrimination at work, says watchdog

Original post from Disabled Go News


One in four disabled civil servants still feels discriminated against at work, four years after Disability News Service revealed “disturbing” levels of discrimination, bullying and harassment across the civil service. 725 more words


ADHD Symptoms: How Is ADHD Diagnosed And Which States Have The Highest Rates?

Original post from Inquisitr


ADHD symptoms include a persistent inability to focus that often affects how a person functions; someone who is easily distracted could be suffering from ADHD. 259 more words


Blood-Oxytocin Levels and its Relation to Autism Disorders

Original post from icare4autism

‘…………..By ICare4Autism

Despite recent reports saying otherwise, a new study states that children with autism actually have normal levels of oxytocin in their blood system.  528 more words