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Hanukkah Thoughts

Snow is falling as is dusk. It is just before three in the afternoon, a few days before the Solstice. This evening Hanukkah begins, and we are ready with latkes, candles, and stories of light, kindness, and individual and cultural perseverance in the face of threat. 665 more words

First Nations

I'm a disabled person and I've contributed to the economy for 43 years - the Chancellor's comments feel personal

Graham is Scope’s Engagement and Participation Manager. As a disabled person himself, with three disabled children, he had a strong reaction to Philip Hammond’s comments about productivity and disabled people. 664 more words

Inside Scope

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Why did Philip Hammond make this comment and is that what he and other members of the Conservative Party really believe. When you listen to others outwith the Conservative Party they say the opposite, that disabled people are at least as productive as others and more than likely to be more productive. What have the Conservatives got against persons with disabilities for virtually every policy they bring forward is detrimental to disabled people. If you look at this another way the Conservative Government is pushing to move more disabled people into employment, so are they effectively working for productivity to be reduced, that is if you believe Hammond is truthful in what he is saying. But then again he is a politician and do they ever tell the truth. For Hammond is disgraceful for saying this and extremely derogatory to all disabled people.

Cripples In Crisis

Thinking that today was going to be a relatively quiet day, writing-wise, I decided to settle down and watch the documentary ‘Carers in Crisis’ (aired Tuesday 5 December) and mentally pass it off as work. 678 more words


The Repression of Rachel

It was a miserable September afternoon, the 19th if I’m not mistaken, and I was sitting in the Hilton Hotel in Kilmainham with a man I’d only met once before, having coffee in the middle of the day. 1,082 more words


'Inspiration Porn:' The Ableist Social Virus

In what way does my acknowledgment of you, my desire to engage with you, and my getting out of bed make me worthy of congratulations? Why does my going about my business get special acknowledgment?

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Devastation, Heartbreak, and Beauty Despite Everything in Jane Eaton Hamilton's Poetry Collection LOVE WILL BURST INTO A THOUSAND SHAPES

I’ve been putting off reviewing Love Will Burst Into a Thousand Shapes, a poetry collection by queer disabled Vancouver-based writer Jane Eaton Hamilton, because, as far as I can remember it’s one of two things I’ve read where I had a particularly challenging reading experience: it was one of those books where I could recognize the skill and beauty of the writing but I didn’t truly appreciate them myself. 1,279 more words