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Embodied World

We just returned from a walk in the woods. Given I now wear a full length leg brace, going up and down hillocks is a growing challenge. 545 more words


A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

If we were having coffee and ask you how your week’s been treating you?

I’d tell you I looked in the mirror this week, and it’s actually dawned on me that I’m actually 36.   285 more words


The Thirty-Year Anniversary: A Betrayal

In a twist of fate, lives collided with my husband’s and missing pieces of our past were revealed.

As a cardiovascular anesthesiologist, he was in a case when the cardiovascular surgeon began chatting. 1,477 more words


This Is How They Get You

OK, so this actually just happened.

Isla:  I love you.  And your wheelchair.  You’re my wheelchair Mummy.  I don’t want another Mummy.  Mummy, are you sad? 40 more words


Michael Mayhem Graduates Preschool

Michael, with his toy guitar: “This next song is called “Starlight Can Never Destroy A Death Star So I will Use My Laser.”

I went to his end-of-year celebration at his preschool yesterday, which consisted mostly of him attacking me at frequent intervals with flying leaps and fierce hugs interspersed with little girls coming around to take pictures with him. 582 more words


MS patient defers plans for assisted suicide

An MS patient in Inverness has deferred his plans to end his life at an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland, after another MS patient contacted him and encouraged him to seek more support. 67 more words