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There's f**k all wrong with her

I’m sat here broken and sobbing.

I just had one of the most humiliating experiences a person can have, and the worst part?

It won’t be the last time. 933 more words


Will I hate the Me Before You Movie?

June 2nd is the day Chelsea graduates High School and if we stick to the plan we will also go and see the Me Before You (MBU) movie. 404 more words


'Me Before You', right or wrong?

Ok, Hollywood centred rant coming up….

There is a new film around that has really rattled my cage and made me angry.

‘Me Before You’. 766 more words

Disability Rants

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Saying as it is, this is life, the good and not so good, being happy and not so happy, life as it is.

DWP lies over benefit cap aided and abetted by ignorant and complicit NHF – SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

The DWP continues to lie and deceive over the overall benefit cap and is being aided in this by its accomplice-in-chief the National Housing Federation who are (again) in cahoots with the DWP propa… 17 more words


Steps for a Healthy Future for people with learning disabilities

Knowing what a healthy lifestyle looks like is a challenge for all us, and sustaining it for the long term requires dedication and commitment.  There are many factors which determine how successful we are in pursuing this goal, and we all have barriers that we have to overcome in order to meet whatever targets we set ourselves. 1,092 more words


An hour in the life of a... priestess?

Blogging Priestess series: #1

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Woke up this morning and the streets were full of cars
All bright and shiny like they’d just arrived from Mars.
1,561 more words


Sick Day

Wouldn’t you know it.

I have had a maintenance appointment for my van this morning, but….

I’ve been feeling weird for a few days. Had an “upset stomach” last week, treated with Imodium and cannabis tincture, got OK in a few hours. 623 more words