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Disabled Leadership: A dividing definition

Disabled Leadership is the hot topic for many organisations that support people and families with disabilities. But with all the great things going on, does there need to be a little more clarification about just what Disabled Leadership is? 620 more words


Here I Am campaign - Understand Me Mencap

Support Mencap’s Here I Am campaign. It’s time to learn about learning disability. Understand me

Source: Here I Am campaign – Understand Me Mencap


I am Daniel Blake – and there are millions more like me : Guardian.

Writer and activist Jack Monroe knows from their own experience that Ken Loach’s portrayal of life on benefits is heart-wrenchingly accurate.

Hayley Squires as Katie Morgan and Dave Johns as Daniel Blake are caught in the tightening web of the British benefits system. 1,956 more words

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Campaign for better assistance for Autistic fliers

It is good to see at least one airline recognising autism and providing the needed assistance. Lets hope that it will not be long before the other airlines follow suit and also the respective airports and staff training is essential to ensure that all staff have an understanding and be aware of situations which could occur. 200 more words


Not Having Sex Partner for Children to be a “Disability?” : National Review.

The World Health Organization is close to declaring a new disability–not having a sex partner with whom one can have a child–even if not biologically infertile. 389 more words


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I am astounded, just who do WHO think they are, will China agree to this, where I believe they state the sex and number of children the Chinese population are allowed to have. Are WHO advocating a World dating agency, which I assume each countries health authorities would have to set up or are they advocating a form of brothel were the outcome would be having children, so they could accomodate both male and female prostitutes for customers to attend to have their children. I thought the EU bureaucrats were bad enough, but those in WHO are worse.

Disabled jobseekers facing dramatic fall-off in support

Number of disabled people receiving specialist help to fall by 50% after 80% funding cut to new work programme

By Daniel Boffey

The number of unemployed disabled people given specialist help to find work will be halved under plans to be revealed this week, according to firms running the government’s work programme. 502 more words


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