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Disability and discrimination: the invisible disability

“You look alright. You look good today.” Inside you might feel like you will die today because you feel so ill. There are many forms of disability. 341 more words


PERSONAL: Onward & Upwards

July 19th was scheduled to be the biggest day of my career as a public speaker. Speaking in Parliament wasn’t only going to be a massive challenge, but something that I also felt was a huge opportunity for the disability sector. 517 more words

Life Theory

BE USEFUL in your own time.

I wanted to write articles that could be put to good use and promote good causes. People say the same things over and over but if you say them with a different mindset or perspective then maybe change can happen. 194 more words


Loneliness and disability

By: Michael W. Thornton

How can people with disabilities effectively deal with being lonely?

Loneliness… why does it hurt us so much? Why do we crave companionship? 291 more words

Disability Issues

This is a New Me . . .

. . and I really don’t know how I’m developing as yet.


I spent too many years listening to some men in New York, telling me that I should have nothing to do with the World, and not enough time learning about everything happening around me – and then I woke up, after learning that those men in New York were more interested in protecting paedophiles, than the children they were supposed to be protecting! 963 more words

Disability Issues

Me Before You: My Take On Disability and Euthanasia

A new disability and euthanasia related romance flick ‘Me Before You’ has sparked a lot of controversy among some in the disabled community… so I thought I would weigh in on the debate. 381 more words


I'm offended....

Yes, you offended me today by using the MR term to describe a beautiful girl with Autism who was having an issue at Church this morning… 188 more words

Disability Issues