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Disability in the 21st Century

NOTE: This was an essay I submitted to a website a while back for a competition.  It did not win, but I thought it had enough value to be posted here. 1,850 more words

Disabled man asks for help after House Robbery

A young disabled man has had items crucial to his safety stolen from his home in Dunedin.

Joshua Perry, 24, suffers from Cerebral Palsy, and was enjoying a night out with friends before returning home to find he had been robbed. 123 more words


More than 200 Support Workers protest in Hamilton

More than 200 Support Workers based in the Waikato are unhappy with their pay rate, and they took to the streets to protest this afternoon. 138 more words


Tom McAlpine's Paths Together Acknowledges Disabled's Need For Sexual Support

Paths Together is perhaps New Zealand’s only real legitimate advocacy organisation for the sexual rights and exploration for people with disabilities.

Paths Together was created in March 2013 by Dunedin-based Tom McAlpine and has since gathered over 1600 followers on Facebook. 116 more words


Disability Organisations Use Of Social Media Needs To Increase

Social media is the best way to connect with people, and for disability organisations in New Zealand, it is heavily under-used.

CCS Disability Action and Parent to Parent, two of New Zealand’s most well-known disability focused community organisations have taken a big step toward social media in the last year. 410 more words

Michael Pulman

Sex & Disability: Looking At Ourselves

Hiding your disability to a potential sex partner or romantic interest may just be the worst thing you could do.

The more research I do on the area of sex and disability, the more I am finding that a lot of disabled people are expressing their feelings of frustration toward how they are perceived to be asexual or ‘incapable’ of physical intimacy. 628 more words


Weird Handshake

I’ve got about 6 seconds to make a decision that will affect our relationship forever. I don’t know the exact repercussions of our exchange yet but in these six seconds I’m replaying my history of shaking people’s hands. 351 more words