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Sex & Disability: Looking At Ourselves

Hiding your disability to a potential sex partner or romantic interest may just be the worst thing you could do.

The more research I do on the area of sex and disability, the more I am finding that a lot of disabled people are expressing their feelings of frustration toward how they are perceived to be asexual or ‘incapable’ of physical intimacy. 628 more words


Weird Handshake

I’ve got about 6 seconds to make a decision that will affect our relationship forever. I don’t know the exact repercussions of our exchange yet but in these six seconds I’m replaying my history of shaking people’s hands. 351 more words


Victorian Web: Martha Stoddard Holmes's Fictions of Affliction

There are, who to my person pay their court:
I cough like Horace, and, though lean, am short,
Ammon’s great son one shoulder had too high,

2,295 more words
19th Century Novels

Uber Launches "Accessible" Services In New Zealand

Uber is finally catering for people with impaired mobility with a new service called UberASSIST.

Uber is a world-wide taxi service where people can request rides directly from the Uber app on their smartphone. 126 more words


Government-Funded Sex: Facts and Opinion

On average, to see a sex worker will cost between $250 and $300 for one hour. If a person with a high-needs disability has one, one-hour session per month, this amounts to $3,600 per year for an individual user. 671 more words

Life Theory

My Tips For Effective Public Speaking

So you want to be a public speaker? Cool!  Here are just a few tips from me.

When someone from an organisations contacts me and asks if I would be interested in coming along and speaking to their group about my life with a disability, it is always a very humbling experience. 498 more words

Life Theory

Open Letter regarding Parafed Waikato and Leigh Gleeson

I need to point out that the following is my personal version of events involving Parafed Waikato and Leigh Gleeson.

Many people will know of my involvement in Powerchair Football in the Waikato, and my working alongside all parties mentioned in this blog to develop the sport in this region. 563 more words