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Support for Carers through a 'Carer's Bonus'

Liberal Democrats in government will give people a £250 ‘Carer’s Bonus’ for looking after loved ones who are older, disabled or seriously ill.

The annual payment would be a boost to an army of unsung heroes who work tirelessly to care for their friends and relatives. 247 more words


What a week..

Where do I begin to talk about how much I learned over the last week and a half while in DC? From learning about policy and what matters in advocacy to participating in action with some awesome friends and seeing 53 of them “arrested” and cited with a $50 fine in front of The White House because President Obama has turned away from promises he made to the disability community and refuses to openly discussed with us about what matters we had to take to civil disobedience to get more attention (I was not one of the 53… though it almost became 54…). 111 more words

Disability Issues

Disabled-friendly homes

I have received a really interesting email raising the issue of disabled-friendly homes.

I will look at the briefing notes from Leonard Cheshire Disability on this topic but it seems to me that we should be asking home builders to make adjustments to enable disabled access as standard. 45 more words


Disabled and Lonely

After a long time I am back recently I read an article titled Why are a quarter of disabled people lonely? by Emma Tracey from BBC Ouch, this article talks about being disabled and lonely and brings facts and figures to the table. 505 more words

Disability Issue's

There's never a towie around when you need one...

On Tuesday (7 April) morning, in Kilbirnie’s Bay Road, we spotted this black ute parked on the road, blocking access to the disability carpark. 298 more words

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I am...

I am an advocate! I advocate for myself and others with disabilities that are both visible and invisiible. I advocate because I am passionate about what is right and hate what is wrong. 157 more words

Disability Issues