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Dying to Talk.

Professor Roger Stancliffe from the University’s Centre for Disability Research and Policy is leading a new research program, the Dying to Talk project which aims to develop a research-based toolkit to support staff and caregivers to deliver individual information to adults with intellectual disability, and discuss end-of-life planning in everyday contexts. 16 more words


Sorry... you do matter to God, but we don't want you here... there's a Church down the road...

Sadly, too many families with kids with developmental disabilities have heard this time and time again. They desire to find a place to worship freely without the stares… yet it seems that every church they go, they have someone apporach them and say that there is just no way their child can attend the Church. 136 more words

Disability Issues

Oh God! A Reference...

Jules, a regular contributer to The Single Feather, had this lovely blog post and reference about the work he has done to help others, clink on the link to read the rest on his blog. 116 more words

Disability Issues

Three Things Freshman Year Taught me

On Tuesday I took my last history exam and finished my first year at college. It simultaneously feels like freshman year has gone on forever and has only just begun; I can’t imagine not knowing all the friends I have now and never having lived on campus, but at the same time I don’t feel nearly as wise and worldly as I always imagined college sophomores would feel. 645 more words

Chronic Illness

Just a bad dream?

The Pro Bono News Kneebone cartoon.The UK CEO of social enterprise giant The Big Issue has warned delegates to a Melbourne disability employment conference to be wary of the personalised care model to be introduced under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. –┬áread the full article here.


So what...

Ok, I know this is going to sound like I am griping… in a way I am… but I do not want to allow anger to simmer in me so here goes… 121 more words

Disability Issues