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5 ways you can minister to a family with a failed adoption

Adoptions are complex, but our first two followed the expected processes with few hiccups. The third failed. I was already planning to write this post before my personal experience, because I think this topic needs to be addressed. 869 more words

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Lessons learned from five years in the blogosphere...

Five years ago today, our crew at Key Ministry launched this blog in an effort to build bridges between churches and families of kids with “hidden disabilities.” You can… 1,052 more words

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Coming soon to America...Physician-assisted suicide for the mentally ill?

Should mentally ill patients have “the right to die?”

I came across an extraordinarily troubling post by Wesley Smith over at First Things describing the increased availability and acceptance of physician-assisted suicide in Europe for persons with mental illness. 1,321 more words

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Receiving the refugees of the sexual revolution...

Our churches need to be the places who can receive the refugees from the sexual revolution – those who have been hurt and harmed by it. 1,405 more words

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Can we do disability ministry across a theological chasm?

From the very beginning of Key Ministry, we’ve never had any theological “litmus test” churches had to pass before we would serve them. We’ve sought to come alongside all Christian churches. 888 more words

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Mobilize the people...

In the final installment of our series, Ten Strategies for Promoting Mental Health Inclusion at Church, Steve examines the importance of engaging and mobilizing the people of your church to do the work of a thriving mental health ministry. 729 more words

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Promoting mental health inclusion at church? Respond to the family's most immediate needs

In the eighth installment of our series, Ten Strategies for Promoting Mental Health Inclusion at Church, Steve discusses how churches can be the hands and feet of Christ through responding to practical needs of families both inside and outside the church impacted by mental illness.  1,093 more words

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