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If I were to open a Twitter account...

If I were to open a Twitter account my main goal would be to have the #Twitiot block me.

I haven’t opened one. Yet.

However, if the #Cheetotwerp stays in office much longer, I will have to do it.


Local artist shatters disability expectations

By Nika Cooke and Olga Kozyrevitch

A Sippy Downs resident has challenged the stereotype of having a disability at a fundraising concert held at the Old Ambulance Station in Nambour. 508 more words

Benefits of Disability Act to cover 14 new categories, including acid attack victims

The Centre is bringing in 14 new categories of physical and mental conditions, under the ambit of the Disability Act, 2016. Under the new notification, scheduled to be issued next month, acid attack survivors will be treated as disabled, a senior official in the social justice and empowerment ministry said. 37 more words
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what is balance

As Isaac continues to offer himself up to the learning process,
I too strive to understand how all the little things we do with him, 851 more words

Cerebral Palsy

Wait, You're Deaf!? 

So here’s the thing, let’s talk about something that is never talked about.. developing a disability. In our lives we talk about people who are born with disabilities and we talk about people who have obtained a disability through an accident; however, we never talk about people who have developed a disability due to an underlying condition. 688 more words

When you feel burnt out

I know my last post was all about acceptance, and everything I said in that post still holds true, but sometimes we get burnt out from working so hard to care for our finicky bodies. 306 more words

Celiac Disease

Dear Healthy Peeps,

Hi! My name is Emily, I’m 21, and I am completely incapacitated curtesy of four chronic illnesses.

*Hi, Emily*

Now that we got the introduction out of the way, I’ll start this letter off with a huge, slimy, sticky, stinky, fuck you. 437 more words

Chronic Illness