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How To Be Supportive Of Someone Recovering From Surgery

When you are recovering from surgery the support you have is a huge part of how you will react to it and how quickly it will go by. 1,407 more words

Disability Awareness

Invisible, Undiagnosed, (Misdiagnosed) Illness

“Health has sabotaged your life at many junctures.”

Yes, it has. Dear Reader, you may have heard this story.

A year after surviving the homeless shelter, I was happy and planning my TED talk. 872 more words

How Physical Disability Affects Beach Trips

The beach is the quitessential vacation spot–beautiful views, warm weather with a cool breeze, total relaxation. Being a wheelchair user (or having mobility issues) adds some complication to the picture-perfect-paradise. 735 more words


Dyspraxia, routine and uncertainty

Dyspraxia and the need for routine is something I have mentioned on here before but I wanted to dedicate a specific blog post to it. Like many ideas I’ve had, I just hadn’t got round to writing about it yet. 1,769 more words


How Is Muscular Dystrophy And Spina Bifida Different?

This picture was taken the last time Karly and I hung out which was right before I had surgery. When you see the two of us together and don’t know anything about either of our disabilities it may appear that they are similar but they are so from it! 1,460 more words

Disability Awareness

Guest Post: How Are Power Chairs Different From Manual Ones?

Karly’s powerchair is lifechanging just like my manual one is! It allows Karly to be able to leave her house and without it, she would be completely homebound. 1,003 more words

Disability Awareness

Everyone can be a Hero

I generally try to stay out of Twitter discourse, for both my mental health and sanity, but as I sit here typing, fingers swollen, pressure gloves on, finger, wrist and knee splints on, unable to stand long enough to even do last night’s dishes without feeling like I’m going to pass out, it’s become more than clear that I can’t keep quiet on this one.  302 more words