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Iain Duncan Smith's old blond lapdog Esther McVey complains about Nasty campaigners to Ed Miliband...

Tory Minister and ex GMTV Luvvie Esther McVey has asked Ed Miliband to condemn a sexist campaign against her, she has been labelled a murderer by some campaigners for her stance on benefit recipients and her total lack of care for those trying to survive in the face of her parties attack on the most vulnerable in society, she is adamant that she does care and does have a heart and is adamant that the Wirral needs her as an MP, she will find that out soon enough when the election comes in a few weeks. 322 more words


Mobility scooter attack.

A 79 year old man was riding his mobility scooter through an Essex park when he was hit over the head from behind, the thieves, no the word “thieves” doesn’t seem to do justice to what this person or persons are! 275 more words

I am Ugly. Hear me Roar!

One good thing about losing my eyesight is that nowadays everyone, (to a certain extent) looks to me like a model. I can’t see the blemishes they might be self-conscious about, the spinach in their teeth or the over grown nose hair desperately in need of plucking. 464 more words

Things You Should Know About Disability Insurance

When you plan to buy a disability insurance policy, you need to have a clear understanding of the policy and its benefits. As a result, familiarizing yourself with a few of the terms and policy related aspects makes logical sense when buying a DI policy. 706 more words


.... " Hello I,m FEAR " ....

I am fear
I,m always near”
I creep in your life,
Cut you like a knife
I will control you,
Taking away anything new,
Leaving you in a mess… 50 more words


....... " Mood swings " .....

But other  times I,m pissed off with you,

pissed of with the world

pissed of with people and ignorance,

pissed of with my illness,

And yes even Pissed of with Me ..


" ...More rambles from the old git ," ....

Well another  broken sleep type nite be a lot easier at night having a switch were you could turn your brain off and it not going through every  little mistake you have made in your life lol… 155 more words