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Red or Blue, we want equal access for you

We are determined to improve facilities for all disabled football fans and have teamed up with Manchester City Disabled Supporters Association to raise awareness on… 208 more words


When Things Get Moving, They Get Moving

Today has been kind of insane.  I’m seriously exhausted from it all.  I’m so ready for bed, but my heat isn’t working.  It’s not cold enough to warrant an emergency visit at this hour, but it’s enough that there’s a chill in the air, and I’m not tired enough that throwing on an extra blanket or two will really help. 911 more words

Zzzzzzzzzz, Oh my!

What is it about having a dog who is snoring while snuggling with her head against my hip that makes me so sleepy? This is a nightly thing around here. 24 more words


The Calm Before the Skydive

About 6 years ago I became very sick out of the blue and subsequently lost my eyesight along with a good deal of my hearing.  Although I had the support of my parents, brother and a very loyal group of friends I found myself in the grips of depression (a condition I still take medication for to this day). 620 more words

A Wrong Definition

People I’ve known for decades have decided to stop trying to resist their homosexual temptations and have bought into the lie that their sexual proclivities define their entire identities. 1,173 more words


Evil Guys With Disabilities

Captain Hook,
The Gestapo agent in Raiders of the Lost Ark,
Sir Leigh Teabing,
Azog The Defiler,
Darth Vader,
Long John Silver,
Batman’s Bane, 722 more words


Upside Down Life

I have so many things that I’d like to blog about… MS related issues that have kept me from blogging over the last several months, and I’m not sure where to start.  1,161 more words