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Male, Female and Monstrosity in Aristotle

Aristotle, Generation of Animals Book 2, 737a

“That substance, even though it possesses all segments of the body in potential, actually exhibits none of them. For it contains those kinds of elements in potential by which the female is distinguished from the male. 486 more words


Standards make the world accessible for all

British Standards Institute

BSi documentary – Building accessibility

Publication date: 2017
Ranking: essential

Why are accessibility standards important? How do standards help designers? How can we make the World Wide Web wider? 49 more words


Be Whomever You Dream

Response to schools limiting student’s vocational goals –

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When everyday is the weekend

Last week I caused a ruckus amongst humans who had to interact with me because I forgot it was Friday and I’d been thinking it was Thursday all day. 925 more words


i just noticed something. i was heading to the kitchen to get some water. the staff at the facility where I am at were vacuming the floor. 81 more words


Case study 7: Deaf Cafe

North Somerset Council

Choosing a place to meet

Publication date: December 2017
Ranking: useful

Conversations about “work” happen everywhere all day, all the time which makes this case study about meeting up relevant to us all. 226 more words