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Thankful To Give

“I need more rest,” I mumbled as I rolled over at 6:10 a.m. After returning to work on Monday following a brief flare-up, I pushed my body hard. 507 more words

baking a christmas cake

this week on the ILS course I’ll be baking a xmas cake.
i cant wait. i love xmas cake. hasany of my readers had it, i know my UK readers know what xmas cake is but do my US readers know? 108 more words


This week went by really quickly I thought.
Monday I got to class late, because I had an appointment to go to.
I missed the group shopping outing. 175 more words


14 Stitches, a Cracked Skull & a Fight

So Tuesday (11/14/17) was…. well I was going to say crappy but I will say “eventful” instead. It “could” have been really bad but God worked it out so that it was not as bad as it “could” have been. 2,823 more words


Diagnosis: Pandora's Box

Less than a week from today I will walk into a doctor’s office, and walk out hours later with an affirmation or denial of a genetic disorder… 632 more words


I Can't Come To The Phone Right Now; My OCD Won't Let Me

If one thing is needed to support people with obsessive compulsive disorder, it’s for the abandonment of selfishness

For so many, this time of year means wonderful celebrations with Diwali, Halloween, Christmas and so on. 978 more words


New Minister for disabled people criticised over voting record [against disabled people]

New minister for disabled people criticised by her local DPO over voting record

The new minister for disabled people is facing criticism over her voting record on disability issues from a user-led organisation that provides support in her own constituency. 921 more words