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Disability Rights March

Today I attended a disability rights March in Indianapolis sponsored by the Global Accessibility Project. Those who turned out – on a hot day that threatened thunderstorms – both with and without disabilities, are committed to promoting disability rights. 215 more words


Drowning in the Stigma.

I am drowning in the stigma of having epilepsy. I feel like I have this life that I can’t talk about, and the weight of this secret is pulling me deeper into an ocean of fear, confusion, and embarrassment. 417 more words

Dreams are Poetry for My Son Without Words

What do you dream about sweet silent boy? 

The nights you rise up out of your bed and wander our dusty floors?  Are you looking for something you cherished for a moment in that mysterious place between the consciousness of dream and the awareness of waking? 365 more words

Fighting Disability: A Starters Guide

Thinking of filing for disability benefits? Did you know that a mere 35% of cases are approved and the average wait time for a decision is 600 days? 474 more words

True Story

Boats are just launching pads....

Super fun way to spend a few hours. Lots of language about “jumping” and “orange”.



by Alice Thomson

The term “minority group” invokes the image of a very small percentage of people. When I was a teacher, I had a minority group in my classroom consisting of a small number of children who needed different support and teaching methods to the rest of the class. 938 more words


Disabled chat!

Hi all! Today’s post is about disability.
As every reader of my blog knows, I am disabled. I have many health problems, not all visible, that have stopped me from doing so many things. 344 more words