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One Sense Less Existence

The morning the news broke that a new mother gouged out her new-born’s eyes the country was agog with it. The story could not be missed; it was on TV, in the papers, radio, online, on lips… Everyone everywhere was talking about it, each reacting in his own way; women in the market lifted shoulders and snapped fingers in open condemnation of the act, men at their businesses folded their arms and shook their heads, … 2,458 more words

The World Didn't End (But it May Yet)

The election came and went, I know that you all are aware of who won. Major, major shock to many people and I was one of them. 2,993 more words

The Zen Of Fibromyalgia

Loving call-out of #ableism from @PhantomOpera. #PhantomoftheOpera

So a week or so ago, while reading through my Twitter feed, I came across the following tweet from the official Phantom twitter, @PhantomOpera, which represents the show worldwide (although the London, Broadway and U.S. 1,561 more words


This is My Fuck You

And I hope you hear it.

To quote Peter Griffin may I say, “You know what grinds my gears? You America, fuck you.”

I’ve been pretty depressed the last few weeks and I do a fairly decent job at hiding it, mainly because…it’s my life and I have to get used to it, it’s what I know. 1,212 more words


Finding a Way to Express Yourself

I had an exchange of words with a friend about how we talk of our disabilities. I find that my aspergers does constrain my ability to communicate but at least I don’t repeat my words too often. 604 more words

Gloria Swain: Art as Healing Space

Art galleries are calming, reflective spaces. They’re peaceful and quiet, a sanctuary from all the noise in the outer world. They’re a safe space.

For Gloria Swain, art itself is refuge, her healing space. 449 more words