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This afternoon Danny and I are hanging out.

On the floor.

So over comes the dogs. To see what’s up…

Next thing you know, Bogey is pushing and squishing the tent… 52 more words



This is a submission to the February 2015 Carnival of Aces, whose topic is Cross-Community Connections.

Asexual activism that emphasizes asexuality as not-illness or as not-caused-by-illness-or-trauma has never sit well with me. 475 more words

Ace-spectrum Stuff

Two Jobs or one?

Listening to the news last week, I heard that there were MPs in our Government in the UK were taking up  two jobs rather than one. 696 more words


So, you found my blog.

So here we are. Here you are, and here I am.

Here I am, writing things for the world to see, without a hope in the world that anyone will see it. 124 more words


"Mummy, why do they stare"?

She turned to her mother and said “Mummy, why do they stare”?

“Because you are beautiful”, her mother replied.

“Yes, but they are laughing”, said the little girl confused. 43 more words


To the woman who tutted at me using the disabled toilets...

My friend sent this to me today because she knows how I have suffered this myself, however this lady puts it so eloquently.

To the woman who tutted at me using the disabled toilets….