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I believe in you. 

“Dear Julianna” is a campaign that was created by adults with neuromuscular diseases to help kids with the same neuromuscular diseases feel more confident in the skin they’re in. 1,211 more words


Accommodation Proclamation

It’s interesting when my friends help me to see how they think they should do it without instruction by using the same techniques they’re familiar with. 314 more words


The day my world still stands still......

September 8, 2003…….

“As they told you on the phone, the spinal tap came back positive for MS”. I still can’t say, or type,  that statement without tearing up. 683 more words


You really should be a writer......

Should I?? I’ve heard that said several times before but this is the first time I wrote it and actually believed it. Partially because I have a story that needs to be told and partially because I have a story I think everyone needs to read. 167 more words


Why Virtual Grocery Shopping is important.

One of the major benefits and lifesavers of the  internet is shopping online for food. Last month I learned about places that offer online shopping and food delivery. 379 more words

Busy Mothers

Designated parking space abuse

I am unfortunate enough to struggle walking much at all.  Thankfully our supportive society offers the Blue Badge scheme.  This means that there are spaces available within a short distance of where I need to go. 295 more words


So it just occurred to me...

…I could make this blog about my mental illness instead of about my love for animals and whatever else may come up.

But I dunno.  I don’t feel I have much to say on the topic. 180 more words