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Why Virtual Grocery Shopping is important.

One of the major benefits and lifesavers of the  internet is shopping online for food. Last month I learned about places that offer online shopping and food delivery. 379 more words

Busy Mothers

Designated parking space abuse

I am unfortunate enough to struggle walking much at all.  Thankfully our supportive society offers the Blue Badge scheme.  This means that there are spaces available within a short distance of where I need to go. 295 more words


So it just occurred to me...

…I could make this blog about my mental illness instead of about my love for animals and whatever else may come up.

But I dunno.  I don’t feel I have much to say on the topic. 180 more words


Over To You

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog posts, I really appreciate it. I enjoy writing about my experiences as a person with both physical and mental health disability issues. 180 more words

Personal Bitches, I Mean Assistants. 

Today’s topic will be all about personal assistants. And some people may get offended but quite frankly I don’t give a flying fuck. As always. 1,355 more words


Dear Parents,

Parenting is probably one of the most controversial topics in society… But I’m gonna tackle this one the best I can.

I know I’m not a parent but here’s my perspective. 612 more words


Life after Guillain-Barre Syndrome ..... Parking on the Handbag Shelf is Strictly Prohibited!

One of the things I’ve found most frustrating since becoming disabled is my lack of independence. I can no longer just pop to the shops if I want to buy something. 1,014 more words