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Crippling Reality of Love

Letter to myself when I fall in love:

You’re in a good place. I never thought this day would come honestly. Sure people tell you you’re pretty all the time but it doesn’t compensate for what love can make you feel. 658 more words


A Letter to the Guy that Pitied Me

Thank you. Thank you for telling me the truth. Thank you for not wasting my time in trying to be your friend or anything more. Thank you for showing your true colors. 514 more words


ISO: Yellow Brick Road

Looking for an accessible and affordable apartment in Chicago is close to impossible. I came up with a list of requirements while searching for an accessible apartment which able-bodied people don’t really need to think about as far as accessibility goes: 1,092 more words


I recently heard a radio programme that was very moving and very interesting.  It illustrates my views on the disabled very well and goes with some of my blog posts so I thought I would share it.  143 more words

Disabling Attitudes

The reaction I get when someone realises I am disabled is usually one of three

The patronising sympathy attitude

Recently in a café a man came up to me and said I was doing really well. 1,103 more words

Inspiration? Far from it. 

Picture this. A 22 year old girl goes to a lake house with her friends. She does everything from kayaking to jet skiing to tubing. … 431 more words