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How Does the Social Security Administration Define Disabled?

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ASAN Advocacy Training Resource

With the looming Medicaid cuts, people want to learn how to get involved and fast! This training resource is from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. You may be advocating for a different condition, but the information they’ve gathered here is very valuable for everyone. 65 more words


Sick and Disabled and Relying on Health Insurance

Hi, my name is Shelby, I’m 25, and I’m deaf, chronically ill, and disabled. I am lucky enough to be on Medicare and Medicaid. My main condition is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type. 510 more words

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

ERYC Officers - Disability Training Required And Requested

The fiasco of the Pavement “improvements” in Pocklington saw dropped kerbs installed at 20mm to 30mm instead of a maximum 6mm and the siting of a bollard in the middle of a dropped kerb. 94 more words


Dalek Days.

Daleks first petrified Doctor Who fans in the early 1960’s, and quickly took on pop culture status with their inhuman features and grating speech, mostly gaining notoriety for the simple tactic used to defeat them; climbing stairs. 659 more words


iBooks $0.99 promo (NZ & Australia only)

iBooks are running a $0.99 promotion on 17 contemporary romances this week, including one of mine – Seeing the Love (Love in Wellington #1). The only catch is that this offer is only available in the New Zealand & Australia stores. 419 more words