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My Sexuality

I’ve been thinking. I always thought I was a lesbian and only had feelings for women. But now I realise thats not totally true. And I think I may actually be BI. 246 more words


What are you doing about accessibility?

The poor accessibility of many venues, products and services is a bug bear of mine, I’ll admit. Those who know me will agree I never stop mentioning ‘subtitles’ when it comes to watching videos or television programmes. 642 more words

Deities, not Doctors.

One of the most difficult things to deal with as a sufferer of a chronic illness is actually something that is meant with the best of intentions, that is, prayer for healing. 469 more words

Disabled people, work and welfare

I have just (briefly) read the book ‘Disabled people, work and welfare’ edited by Chris Grover and Linda Piggott. This post is not so much a review of the book as a summary of my initial thoughts on how the contents relate to my own interest: the right to work for disabled people. 1,001 more words


Pills are in my hand....

To whom it may concern:

I cannot rely on those I know. I cannot rely on those I love. So, perhaps the anonymity of the blog to the browsers on the Internet might help, alternately. 1,461 more words

50 Random Facts About Me!

I didn’t want to make my first official post a serious one where I immediately talk about Chronic Illness.

I first want you guys to get to know me a bit… 1,852 more words

Chronic Illness

13th AMENDMENT: A Black Disabled Poetic Viewpoint

My Black disabled ancestors

Weren’t free by a swift of a pen

Way back then

Black Codes, Ugly Laws & Lynchings

Dancing on slave ships… 336 more words