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Disabled Identity

CW: Some ableist and self-stigmatising ideas explored, trauma and suicidality briefly mentioned.

I’ve been thinking about disabled identity a lot lately. For two big reasons. 884 more words


DAY 12

This is one of the letters we have sent the solicitors asking for an update as we sent our complaint in august 2018. so you can see what we are saying is true we will let you know if we have a update. 354 more words

A Valentine Jaunt

At 5:00 this morning I woke up definitely not refreshed. I was aching and tired and the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed. 270 more words


"Mummy, I'm alright!"

This is Freddie. Freddie is the most loved Fox there ever was.

Freddie came into Squidge’s life when she was just a few weeks old, my own best friend introducing my baby girl to her own best friend. 416 more words


An "Alleged Incapacitated Person" aka OK, Our Child Has A Disability. Now What Do We Do?

Parents see their children with their hearts, not their objective minds. That makes it exceedingly difficult to accept it when the unexpected – a cognitive impairment, a learning disability, a spectrum disorder – starts to impact their child. 1,485 more words

Two miles down!

Oh boy am I tired. Today my wife, the two babies she’s watching to help earn a bit more money, and our three girls (ages 9, 7 and 5) went on a walk. 362 more words


The Journey Begins

One day I was Ubering around town and in between customers I listened to a Joe Rogan podcast. I wasn’t unfamiliar with Joe Rogan–his podcasts are often enlightening and almost always entertaining, and I’ve listened to scores of them. 616 more words