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Foot Update

Physical Therapy Still I’m also having to get injections and get the hardware removed. Doc says no work still and gave me a note to get disability, but that could take a year to get approved with the social security system. 36 more words


Rising to the Occasion

I had a bed delivered today and faced that awkward moment again:

I answered the door in my power chair & escorted the men down the hallway, showing them which bedroom to put the new frame, box spring and mattress in. 454 more words


Guest Blog. It meant I could have a drink.

This month we are focusing on the needs of people who need help or equipment to stand up from the toilet.

Find out more about our topic and… 472 more words


Under Pressure

Body Positivity— or Not

Recently France just passed stating the models must have doctor’s notes attesting to a healthy weight before they can be employed. Something like 1 in 5 french girls have or will struggle with an eating disorder because fashion is king in France, so they set the standard for body image. 920 more words

Letter To My Chronic Illness

Dear IH,

I need to break things off with you. While I realize that we’ve been together now for 8 years, I’m feeling like the time has come for us to call things off and go our separate ways. 436 more words

How disabled friendly is Dubai?

Time to enhance the future of my Fatherland by guiding it to reach the highest peak of success!!

How disabled friendly is Dubai? Read Full page interview of mine & for more visit  32 more words


mean old man

yesterday a mean old man made some cruel comments on one of my posts about my illness. I deleted the comment because I couldn’t keep myself from rereading them. 86 more words