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Daily Questions ???

Here are some questions that I l have to deal with regarding my disability… 😂😁

” Do you need a licence for that thing?”

Quite often wheelchair users are asked whether they need a licence for wheelchair use. 167 more words

Makeup Artist

is scoliosis a disability

I found myself reading a post by Hannah Witton, an author/youtuber/podcaster with Ulcerative Colitis (aka inflammatory bowel disease) and a stoma, where she talks about if she ‘counts’ as disabled. 722 more words


26 years old - The age when I start having carers...

The day has finally come when I have carers, though was a complete shock and not what I expected. Was expecting a phone call to sort it out and honestly I had put it at the back of my mind… so having someone turn up was a big shock… We decided that we would leave it for then and go for another day. 257 more words


Disability Trumps Ableism.

In the middle of July Donald Trump graced the UK with a presidential visit and the British public reacted the only way they could; politely asking him to f**k off. 515 more words



We are writing this appeal for legal services on behalf of Ivan Warren, an illiterate, developmentally disabled, near deaf-mute, schizophrenic, California State prisoner. Ivan found himself in trouble with the law when three non-intimate associates needed to find themselves a new set of wheels to get around in; as their current mode of transportation had just been used in a murder. 805 more words

Giving This a Go

I’m new to this. Entirely, completely and utterly new. I have never blogged and nor have I ever openly talked (well, written) about my experience as a glass child (for those of you who don’t know – an able bodied person growing up with a special needs sibling). 158 more words