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MS: What about when you can't?

I go out of my way to avoid demonising MS. 

All my problems can be explained using the social model- everything that I experience that has negative aspects ascribed to it can be explained away using the idea that in a society that adequately supported me, one that didn’t see MS as a disability. 850 more words


Tales from the Ward, Chapter 48

Bite Marks and other dramas

It’s gone two hours since neurotic Noelle swept dramatically into physio demanding extra treatment because she was having an MRI on Monday. 206 more words

MS: the gender divide- on masculinity.

MS disproportionality¬†affects women. About a 3:1 according to the National MS society’s page.

Some people think hormones play a role in who does and does not get MS. 580 more words


Was I always 'disabled'?

This is going slightly off topic- but was I always ‘disabled’?

As a child with unknown ASD, I was placed in additional support classes, I had a classroom aide. 479 more words


64. Worlds Apart: A Collaboration Between Aidan Bizony (The Disability Diaries) and Emma Steer (Diary of a Disabled Person).

There are a great many cultural divides between the UK and South Africa, and unsurprisingly this extends to disability. With two radically different systems of health care and financial support for the disabled, the lives of wheelchair users in either country greatly differs, as do the social perceptions and stigmas surrounding disability. 1,035 more words


Clive Barkers Book Of Blood

For some editions, each book’s cover was illustrated by Clive Barker himself. Eighteen of the stories in the Books of Blood were adapted by Eclipse Books in the comic series Tapping the Vein as well as other titled adaptations. 527 more words


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