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Anxiety On The Rise

Dogs hairs and all on my tracksuit in the pic, with Holly gracing her presence, don’t you just love her floppy ears. Something that niggles at me, is how much anxiety gets exposure, but not always the full picture. 703 more words

Pock Crossing Obstructs Disabled People - Part 2

As I still await a response to Pock Crossing Obstructs Disabled People I now publish Part 2. The reason stated for spending £15,000 on The Pavement footpath is that it was not safe to cross the car park. 110 more words


My First Ever Blog

Hi!  My name is Larry Spencer.  This is my first ever blog.  Over the years many different people have said that I should write my life story.   229 more words

Little things my life has taught me

February 1997 – I was born, twelve weeks premature. This isn’t some dramatic, depressing story; rather the truth. I am quite aware that throughout my blog I have been anonymous but it is time to reduce said anonymity. 891 more words

Together Wendy we can live with the sadness

Recently I visited some of my mother’s family, they live out of state. She has a cousin who’s had hepatitis for years, and more recently became HIV+. 414 more words


Diagram of a disabled person

This is a project I’ve had in mind for quite a while now. I created this image to get it out of my head and I’m pretty happy with it. 298 more words


People Claiming ESA In The Working Related Activity Group Will See A £30-A-Week Cut In April

People with disabilities and mental health issues who are currently on the ESA Working Related Activity Group will see a whopping £30-a-week cut to their benefits from April. 155 more words