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Diversity is the beauty of humanity. What a dull place it would be if we all had same mindset and we all had been on the same footings. 212 more words

Agree to disagree

To agree or disagree;
That’s the question;
Sometimes we agree;
And sometimes, we disagree;
That’s life;
We need to agree to disagree;
Sometimes we disagree to agree; 32 more words


Quiet Fight

silence cuts deeper

when we disagree again

tearing us apart

Daily Prompt

Seeds of Faith

There are moments in life that change everything. Key pivotal moments that alter and redirect you on towards your future. It isn’t the large monumental moments that I am referring to. 495 more words


Your Opinion, Please

Upon first sighting, you might think that I am going to open up the well-known butter versus margarine debate and ask you to weigh in on the matter to see whether or not we agree or disagree with each other.   462 more words

Daily Word Prompt

Daily prompt: Don't poke the bear


I have to admit that in certain circumstances, my knee-jerk reaction is to disagree with whatever certain persons say.

Not that I blurt out the first argument that comes to my head. 298 more words

Agree to Disagree - Who Am I Kidding?

I’ve heard this and said this countless times, “let’s agree to disagree.” In all honesty, it’s easier said than done, especially when the stakes of the argument are high. 1,771 more words

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