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Happiness in spite of me

is happiness I don’t agree


I am already happy

Please do check necessity !

I am all reddy happy! 51 more words


Politics and Me

Storytime with Grant: I really hate rocking the boat. Like, I love politics and learning more about it, but oftentimes, it’s difficult for me to accept that others will disagree with me, so I can frequently minimize my own convictions or tailor my statements to avoid contention. 212 more words


Shoot the Messenger

Communication skills are a thing. Seriously. We know this. We know that up to 90% of communication is non-verbal and has everything to do with body language, the use of personal space, eye contact, aggression/placation indicators, facial expression, et cetera. 504 more words

Well, since you asked...

Katie ClineEditor-in-Chief

As part of a graduating senior exit survey, I was asked if JSU was the Friendliest Campus in the South. I chose the “disagree” option and was then given the opportunity to explain why. 559 more words


Unpopular Opinions

  • Reading a book is way more fun than watching a movie
  • Mac n cheese is severely overrated
  • Gray on gray is completely acceptable
  • Christmas is just one big waste of money…
  • 129 more words

Just Because I Disagree…

It has been a few days since I last wrote here; however, I have been quite busy. That being said, I do have more writing to post. 342 more words

You Get What you Give!

This blog is all about keeping it real and showing the real ups and downs of our incarcerated marriage. This post will be no different! 390 more words