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How Many F's Do You Give?

Disagreements are inevitable.

Regardless of how close we are to the people we share space with – bosses, coworkers, partners, children – we all have our own thoughts, opinions, and values that guide the decisions we make. 249 more words

Business Strategy

How you can disagree without shutting down!

Learn how you can voice your disagreement with a person without shutting down!


To download podcast, right click HERE and choose “save link” (on smartphones, press and hold on “here” link) 9 more words



It’s completely okay (and probably even expected) to disagree with people on the internet.  We’re all a little different, we all have different upbringings and different points-of-view.  97 more words


Negative Opinions About "The Secret"

When the secret was first introduced to the world back in 2006, I was unaware of it until 2007.  I still remember that day like it was yesterday, because I ended up attracting to me my father, who I hadn’t seen in the previous six years of my life, on the bus.   334 more words

Personal Development

What if I disagree.....

Hello Everyone,

So this is my first blog that isn’t related to the “steps” to happiness.  And I’m already struggling with what to talk about.  So I’m just going to jump right in with the doubters.  487 more words

Protest Is Patriotic

When did it become so dangerous to disagree? When did we decide that those with different opinions, perspectives, or approaches were not just wrong but worthy of contempt? 730 more words

Everyday Life

We should stop disagreeing

The Subconscious “No”

I have noticed that regardless of whether I agree with another person’s opinion, I find myself saying “No, but….” A typical conversation might go like this: 368 more words