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Agree To Disagree...

One of the most common phrases used when people cannot come to common terms or agreement is “we will just have to agree to disagree.” What exactly does this accomplish in the realm of spiritual leadership? 152 more words


Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite (209)

Easily said I don’t mind if you don’t agree-

With what I think, with what is important to me.



To Agree and to Disagree

We all have opinions about something.  How many of you share those opinions verbally or on social media?  Are you afraid of expressing your opinion on controversial issues because the fear that  people will think of you differently? 413 more words

you & me

If we disagree..that is ok with me. I then choose to put “my most important point” in relationship

not in the fact that we disagree. Because ( you & me) is more important to me than ( me being right )



My 2015 ESPY Winners

The 23rd Annual ESPY Awards were handed out Wednesday night to recognize the best sports performers and performances from the past year.

It’s my favorite awards ceremony of the year, so for fun, I decided to go through the list of main categories and either agree with the winner picked by the fans or disagree and pick my own winner. 1,033 more words


If I'm Pushing

And you’re pushing.

What happens when one of us steps aside?

There’s no more pushing

Even if one of us falls.

Three Actions (2015)

1. To agree.
2. To disagree.
3. To take action.
Not to just take up space-
With major issues to face.